About Me



I'm Mrs. A.  My last name is kind of hard to say, so I just stick with the A.  I'm a kindergarten teacher here Neil Armstrong Elementary School in Mooresville, IN.  Prior to that, I was a first grade teacher, art teacher and worked for Helzberg Diamonds before coming to teaching.  Education is life and I love being in and creating an atmosphere where a love of learning is present.  

I am married to Mr. A. and have 1 son, Elias who is the center of my world.  He's in high school and loves playing the saxophone in marching band.  We have 2 cats, Eden and Willow who are funny, engaging and the most sociable cats I've ever really known.  They talk constantly when we're at home.  We live in Greenfield, IN and enjoy traveling here and there, trying new restaurants, spending time with other family and gardening together.  My favorite color (which I'm asked by many students) is turquoise, my favorite fruit is a pineapple and my favorite dinosaur is a tie between a triceratops and a stegosaurus!  Haha!

There is something magical about teaching kindergarten.  The excitement, passion and curiosity is limitless!  It's a great day to have a great day!