Mrs. Carballo's Period 5 Vocabulary and Test Dates


Mrs. Carballo's Period 5 Vocabulary and Test Dates

Mrs. Carballo's Middle School Period 5 Classes
Second Semester Vocabulary Terms and Test Dates
Each test is worth 3 grades. 
This schedule was updated to reflect the new semester beginning January 17, 2020.
*Vocabulary Test dates might be rescheduled due to unforseen circumstances.

Feb 7
1. music: sounds that are sung by voices or played on musical instruments
2. tempo: how fast or slow music is played
3. chorus: a group of singers, also called a choir
4. band: a group of instrumentalists that play woodwind, brass and
percussion instruments
5. orchestra: a group of instrumentalists that play woodwind, brass,
percussion and string instruments
6. conductor: the person who directs the band, orchestra or chorus

Feb 20
1. soprano: the highest pitched female voice
2. alto: the lowest pitched female voice
3. tenor: the highest pitched male voice
4. bass: the lowest pitched male voice
5. vocal nodules: a callus on the vocal cords, caused by abuse
6. soft palate: soft tissue in the back of the roof of your mouth

March 5
1. composer: the person who writes the music
2. lyricist: the person who writes the words to a piece of music
3. lyrics: the words to a piece of music
4. notation: the symbols that represent music
5. sight singing: singing a piece of music accurately without rehearsal
6. range: all the notes a singer is capable of singing

March 19
1. solo: a performance by 1 person
2. duet: a performance by 2 people
3. trio: a performance by 3 people
4. balance: all voice or instrumental parts have equal emphasis
5. blend: merging the sounds of different instruments or voices
6. larynx: the voice box- part of the esophagus that produces sound

April 16
1. melody: the tune of a piece of music 
2. pitch: the highness or lowness of sound 
3. interval: the distance from one note to the next note 
4. diaphragm: the involuntary muscle below the lungs which controls breathing 
5. tune: the melody of a piece of music 
6. trachea- the windpipe which connects the larynx to the lungs

April 30
1. downloads: copying data from one computer system to another
2. copyrights: the legal right to be the only one to reproduce, publish,
and sell their intellectual property for a certain period of time
3. royalties: the percentage of money the owner of the copyright makes
from the sale of their works
4. intellectual property: a work or invention that is the result of
creativity, such as books, musical works, paintings, etc.
5. Library of Congress: the national library in Washington, DC. Also
issues and maintains copyrights.

May 14
1. dynamics: how loud or soft music is played
2. meter: a pattern of strong and weak beats throughout the music
3. harmony: when several notes or chords come together to create a certain sound
4. beat: the underlying pulse of music
5. intonation: playing or singing on the correct pitch
6. legato: playing the notes smoothly and connected

May 29

1. expression: reflecting the meaning of the music in the performance

2. crescendo: to get gradually louder

3: decrescendo: to get gradually softer

4: a cappella: unaccompanied singing or playing

5: opera: a play where no words are spoken, all dialogue is sung

6: aria: a major song in an opera sung by a main character