Mrs. Carballo's Period 6 Vocabulary and Test Dates


Mrs. Carballo's Period 6 Vocabulary and Test Dates


Mrs. Carballo's Middle School Period 6 Classes
Second Semester Vocabulary Terms and Test Dates
Each test is worth 3 grades. 
This schedule was updated to reflect the new semester beginning January 17, 2020.
*Vocabulary Test dates might be rescheduled due to unforseen circumstances.

February 6
1. music: sounds that are sung by voices or played on musical instruments
2. conducting: hand gestures which stand for musical directions
3. conducting patterns: visual demonstrations of time signatures
4. bar line: lines that separate groups of beats into measures
5. measure: all the music between the bar lines
6. double bar lines: the end of the piece of music

February 21
1. time signatures: symbol found at the beginning of every piece of 
music after the clef and key signatures. The top number indicates 
many beats are in each measure and the bottom number tells what 
kind of note gets 1 beat.
2. staff: the five lines and four spaces where musical pitches 
and symbols are written
3. duration: how long a note is played
4. quarter note: a note that gets 1 beat
5. half note: a note that gets 2 beats
6. whole note: a note that gets 4 beats

March 6
1. dynamics: how loud or soft music is played
2. ff: fortissimo-very loud
3. f: forte-loud
4. mf: mezzo forte-medium loud
5. mp: mezzo piano-medium soft
6. p: piano-soft
7. pp: pianossimo-very soft

 March 18
1. system: the brace of staves which contain the vocal parts & accompaniments 
2. notation: the symbols that represent music
3. beat: the underlying pulse of music
4. tie: a curved line connecting two or more notes of the same pitch which adds to the rhythmic value of the notes
5. ritardando: gradually slowing down
6. fermata: a hold or pause

April 17
1. a tempo: go back to the original speed of the music 
2. melody: the tune of a piece of music 
3. D. S. al Fine: Dal Segno al Fine- go back to the Segno sign and play to the Fine sign
4. D. S. al Coda: Dal Segno al Coda- go back to the Segno sign and play to the Coda sign 
5. tune: the melody of a piece of music 
6. expression: refecting the meaning of the music in the performance

May 1
1. tempo: how fast or slow music is played
2. grave: very slow
3. lento: slow
4. andante: medium/moderate
5. allegro: fast
6. presto: very fast

May 15
1. diaphragm: the involuntary muscle below the lungs which controls breathing
2. larynx: the voice box- part of the esophagus which produces sound
3. trachea: the windpipe which connects the larynx to the lungs
4. eipglottis: the cartilage that drops down over the larynx to seal it off while swallowing
5. hyperfunction: the overuse of a muscle
6. glottis: the space between the vocal cords

May 28

1. arytenoids: growths of tissue in the upper throat behind the nose

2. adduct: to close or add together

3: abduct: to open or separate

4: soft palate: the soft tissue in the back of the roof of your mouth

5: solfeggio: syllables which correspond to the steps of a major scale

6: vocaleses: vocal exercises used to warm up the voice in preparation for singing