As you know, our classroom works on a modified curriculum meaning it is different from the general education curriculum.


We were fortunate enough to have the PCI Reading Program purchased for us last year. We started using this program in the fall and our students loved the one-on-one attention, errorless teaching, and confidence building exercises. We will continue using this program next year. Students will have a flash card pack in their homework bags for you to practice with them nightly. Please remember that your child does not move on to the next word until they have MASTERED their current word with 100% accuracy. A word list will be sent home the first week of school and a copy will be posted here as well.

*Side Note: We do pull bits and pieces from other series such as Reading Street which the district has recently purchased for this school year.


We will continue to use the current version of Saxon Math. I love, love, love this program and look forward to using it again. We will continue to work on Side A of each page in class. Typically, Side B will be assigned for homework. Please complete side B with your student every night. Math is done in small groups and the groups are based on ability level, not grade level. There will be a couple math tests per quarter and a review sheet (a copy of the test) will be sent home for your child to review the night before.


Written Expression and Social Skills will continue to be teacher created and based on student goals for the year.