Schedule and Changes

There are some exciting changes happening this year! First, almost every elementary school in Parma has a special education classroom which means we are now servicing more children in their home schools. This change brings new places and faces which can be scary and exciting. Please do not hesitate to contact me about any questions of concerns.


Science and Social Studies

This year our students will be attending specials (such as gym, music, and art) as well as lunch, recess, and Science, and Social Studies with general education peers. This provides the opportunity for socializing with peers and learning to be responsible like other students in their grades. I will work with all of the teachers the students come into contact with to make sure that their curriculum is appropriate. Please remember that while they are in Science and Social Studies to learn grade level content in that subject area, one of our major concerns is that they learn to socialize and to be comfortable around general education peers. It is also important to us that general education peers learn how to communicate with them. Accommodations and modifications will be made in Science and Social Studies.


As previously stated, students will be attending gym, music, and art with general education peers in their grade. The schedule will be different this year. We will follow a Red, White, and Blue rotating schedule. Below I have provided an example schedule. You can see that the specials change daily, as well as weekly. Because of this it is difficult to know what day your student will have gym. Please send in an extra pair of tennis shoes as well as a gym shirt to be kept in their locker. For example:

Week 1:

Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Gym

Friday: Music

Week 2:

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Art

Friday: Gym

More information will come home with your child when school starts.