I strongly encourage students to read or study on the nights when homework is not specifically assigned.  Spelling tests will be given every Friday.  Students will be responsible for the twenty-five words in the book as well as five social studies words that I will give them Monday of each week.
Spelling Test Unit 33 Friday with SS Words
Roll of Thunder Test Wednesday
Get a copy of Maniac Magee
Turn in Field Trip money and permission slip
Study state locations-test after Spring Break
Monday, March 26: Study for Roll of Thunder
Tuesday, March 27: Finish classwork
Wednesday, march 28: Finish SS reading guide
Spelling test unit 32 Friday with SS words
SS Fair Project due Monday, March 26
Monday, March 19: Finish language classwork and Roll of Thunder chapter 10; bring signed report card back tomorrow
Tuesday, March 20: Finish any classwork, work on finishing SS Fair project
Wednesday, March 21: Finish language page 351
Thursday, March 22: Roll of Thunder test Tuesday, finish SS Reading Guide and language page 353
Spelling Test Unit 31 Friday with SS Words
Monday, March 12: SS Fair Progress Report due tomorrow, finish language classwork and Roll of Thunder ch. 8
Tuesday, March 13: Language page 343
Wednesday, March 14: Read Roll of Thunder chapter 9
Thursday, March 15: Complete I Have a Dream Writing Activity, Weekly Reader
Friday, March 16: Show graded papers to parents, go over DEA results
Spelling Test Unit 29 Thursday with SS words
Social studies chapter 8 test Wednesday
Work on SS Fair Project
Monday, March 5:Social studies study guide
Tuesday, March 6: Social studies chapter 8 test tomorrow, Roll of Thunder ch. 6
Wednesday, March 7: Finish Weekly Reader and Roll of Thunder chapter 7
Thursday, March 8: Show graded papers to parents, work on SS Fair project, SS Fair Progress Report due Tuesday
Spelling Test Unit 28 Friday with SS Words
Work on SS Fair Project
Monday, February 27: Social Studies Fair brown sheet due tomorrow, finish classwork (language and/or Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry chapter 1)
Tuesday, February 28: Finish classwork (language, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry chapter 3, and/or SS reading guide)
Wednesday, February 29: Finish classwork (language, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry chapter 4)
Thursday, March 1: Finish classwork (Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry worksheet)
Friday, March 2: Take home graded papers to your parents, study for social studies test that will be on Wednesday
Spelling Test Unit 27 Friday with SS Words
Number the Stars test on Friday
Tuesday, February 21: Complete Quiz Time for chapters 13-15, finish language page 267, finish your fractured fairy tale, get SS Fair sheet signed by Thursday
Wednesday, February 22: Complete Quiz TIme for chapters 16-afterward, complete bookmark, get SS Fair sheet signed
Thursday, February 23: Finish social studies guide, study for your spelling and Number the Stars tests
Friday, February 24: SS Fair brown sheet due Tuesday, show graded papers to parents
Spelling Test Unit 26 Friday with SS Words
Social Studies Test on Chapter 7 this Friday
Monday, February 13: Finish language page 262, bring your class set of Valentine's tomorrow (optional)
Tuesday, February 14: Finish reading chapter 9 of Number the Stars, complete Quiz Time (ch. 5-8), finish chapter 7 lesson 3 SS reading guide
Wednesday, February 15: Finish language page 265, finish reading chapters 10-11 of Number the Stars, complete bookmark for chapters 10-11, bring your WWII KWL chart tomorrow for SS
Thursday, February 16: Study for spelling test, study for Social Studies Chapter 7 test, complete Quiz Time chapters 9-12, complete story map for fractured fairytale 
Friday, February 17: No school Monday, take your graded papers home to your parents
Spelling Test Unit 25 Friday with SS Words
Remember to bring in money to purchase candy grams for Valentine's Day if you want to do so (25 cents each)
Monday, February 6: Finish language page 207, finish reading chapter 4 of Number the Stars, complete quiz time worksheet for chapters 1-4.
Tuesday, February 7: Finish language pages 236-237 (first 3 problems of each section), read chapter 5 of Number the Stars and complete the bookmark
Wednesday, February 8: Read chapters 6-7 of Number the Stars, finish language pages 238-239 (even problems of the first 4 sections)
Thursday, February 9: Finish language page 261, finish social studies reading guide, complete "making inferences" worksheet, study for spelling test
Friday, February 10: Show graded papers to parents, bring class set of Valentines for your homeroom on Valentine's Day (optional)
Spelling Test Unit 23 Friday with SS words
Watsons Go to Birmingham test Tuesday
Return video permission forms
Monday, January 30: Figurative language worksheet, finish language page 425 Parts B and C and page 493 31-35.
Tuesday, January 31: TCAP Writing Assessment tomorrow, finish SS reading guide if you did not finish in class, look over practice TCAP writing: look specifically at your beginning and your ending
Wednesday, February 1: Complete Weekly Reader
Thursday, February 2: Finish language page 195 11-25 Parts B and C, study for unit 23 spelling test
Friday, February 3: Show graded papers to parents, finish language page 197 and chapter 2 of Number the Stars (if not already finished in class today)
Spelling Test Unit 22 Friday with SS words
Social studies chapter 6 test Tuesday
Watsons go to Birmingham field trip Friday
Monday, January 23: Finish language page 189, finish reading Watsons go to Birmingham chapter 10
Tuesday, January 24: Quiz Time ch. 9-11, finish language page 191
Wednesday, January 25: finish language, Watsons go to Birmingham Quiz Time and finish through chapter 11
Thursday, January 26: Finish reading Watsons go to Birmingham, bring all Quiz Times to class on Monday, test over the book on Tuesday, spelling test tomorrow, field trip tomorrow to Nashville's Children's Theater
Friday, January 27: show graded papers to parents, bring all Quiz Times Monday, Watsons go to Birmingham test Tuesday, finish Quiz Time if you did not finish it in class today
Spelling Test Unit 21 Friday with SS words
Tuesday, January 17: Language worksheet, Quiz Time ch. 1-4
Wednesday, January 18: Finish language page 185 and social studies reading guide; read Watsons go to Birmingham ch. 5-6
Thursday, January 19: Finish language worksheet, read chapter 8 in Watsons go to Birmingham and complete Quiz Time
Friday, January 20: SS chapter 6 test will be on Tuesday, finish SS reading guide if you did not finish in class, show graded papers to parents
Spelling Test Unit 20 Friday with SS words
Continuation Forms must be returned by Friday, January 27
Field trip $ and permission slips due by January 17
Get a copy of The Watsons go to Birmingham
Monday, January 9: language page 179
Tuesday, January 10: Finish social studies reading guide, bring Watsons go to Birmingham tomorrow
Wednesday, January 11: Read Watsons go to Birmingham ch. 2
Thursday, January 12: Finish 1-10 writing activity, read Watsons go to Birmingham ch. 3-4
No Spelling Test this week
Return field trip permission forms and money by Tuesday, January 17 
Wednesday, January 4: Weekly Reader
Thursday, January 5: Language page 177
Friday, January 6: Finish reading guide if you did not turn it in during class today
Spelling test Unit 19 THURSDAY with extra words
Monday, December 12: All gifts for Ross Elementary must be wrapped and brought to school by Wednesday
Tuesday, December 13: Finish immigration book, all Ross Elementary gifts wrapped and brough to school by tomorrow
Spelling Test Unit 17 Friday with SS words
Centennial Exposition is Wednesday-remember to dress up!
Monday, December 5:  Lyddie test tomorrow, study for Citizenship Test on Wednesday
Tuesday, December 6: Centennial is tomorrow! Citizenship test is tomorrow (for a grade), food goes to the conference room downstairs across from the main office, parent volunteers check in at the table in the lobby, dress up, and inventions will go home tomorrow
Wednesday, December 7-no homework, thank you for a wonderful day!
Thursday, December 8: Study for spelling test unit 17 tomorrow
Friday, December 9: Bring Immigration KWL chart on Monday- it does not have to be completed, Ross Elementary Drive items need to be wrapped and at school by Wednesday
Work on invention-due Monday
Spelling Test Unit 16 Friday with SS words
Social studies chapter 5 test Friday
Monday, November 28: Finish language and Lyddie chapter 22
Tuesday, November 29: Finish any classwork, Weekly Reader
Wednesday, November 30: Finish any classwork, work on citizenship test study guide-due Friday
Thursday, December 1: finish classwork, citizen ship test study guide due tomorrow, spelling test tomorrow, social studies chapter 5 test tomorrow
Friday, December 2: Finish Lyddie study guide, invention due Monday
No spelling test this week
Work on invention
Monday, November 21: Read Lyddie through chapter 18
Spelling Test Unit 15 Friday with SS words
Intent to Invent form due Friday
Work on Invention
Monday, November 14: Read Lyddie Ch. 12-13, finish language page 121
Tuesday, November 15: Finish social studies reading guide, read Lyddie ch, 14
Wednesday, November 16: Read Lyddie ch. 15
Thursday, November 17: Finish WWI paragraph, Intent to Invent form due tomorrow, language page 151, spelling test tomorrow
Work on Invention for Centennial-due December 5
Spelling Test Unit 14 Friday with SS words
Monday, November 7: Finish language pages 108-109, read Lyddie chapters 6-7
Tuesday, November 8: Language page 111, read Lyddie chapter 8
Wednesday, November 9: read Lyddie chapters 9-10
Thursday, November 10: Finish reading guide, spelling test tomorrow
Spelling Test Unit 13 Friday with SS Words
Social studies chapter 4 test Friday
Lyddie Quiz Thursday
Monday, October 31: Social studies reading guide, finish reading Lyddie chapters 1-2, go over Centennial Paperwork with your parents, bring report card back signed Wednesday
Wednesday, November 2: Lyddie Quiz chapters 1-5 tomorrow, Centennial green paper due tomorrow, finish language book work and workbook pages, read Lyddie ch. 4-5
Thursday, November 3: Language page 107, finish Weekly Reader, social studies chapter 4 test tomorrow, spelling test unit 13 test tomorrow
Spelling test unit 11 Friday with SS words
Labor Union Quiz Friday
Canned food drive from now until November 11
Monday, October 24: Language page 95, passport pictures are tomorrow!
Tuesday, October 25: Language page 97
Wednesday, October 26: Language pages 98-99, odd only on part B
Thursday, OCtober 27: Language page 101, finish social studies reading guide, study for spelling test tomorrow
Spelling test unit 10 THURSDAY with SS words
Monday, October 10: Sound the Jubilee test tomorrow, finish Sound the Jubilee sequence of events, language page 89
Tuesday, October 11: Language page 89 corrections, language page 91
Wednesday, October 12: Language page 93, remember that tomorrow is the last day of the grading period so any late or make up work must be turned in tomorrow, study for spelling test
Spelling Test Unit 9 Friday with SS Words
Monday, October 3: Reconstruction Quiz on Thursday (chapter 4 lesson 1), Read Sound the Jubilee chapters 16-19, tomorrow is Twin Day for Spirit Week
Tuesday, October 4: Finish any classwork and read Sound the Jubilee chpaters 21-23, dress in tie dye for Spirit Week
Wednesday, October 5: Read Sound the Jubilee ch. 25-26, tomorrow is Wacky Tacky Day
Thursday, October 6: Finish Weekly Reader, language page 71 J and L only, Sound the Jubilee test Tuesday
Civil War Project due Friday, Sept. 30
Civil War Project due Friday!
Spelling test Unit 8 Friday with SS words
Monday, September 26: Read Sound the Jubilee ch. 11-12
Tuesday, September 27: Finish social studies chapter 3 lesson 3 reading guide
Wednesday, September 28: Finish writing assignment
Thursday, September 29: Finish Civil War Booklet, Civil War project due tomorrow!
Spelling test unit 7 Friday with SS words
Civil War Battles test Thursday
Monday, September 19: language page 25, read Sound the Jubilee ch. 2-3
Tuesday, September 20: Read Sound the Jubilee chapters 5-6, finish Weekly Reader and language pages 26-27
Wednesday, September 21: Finish any classwork and study for Battles test
Thursday, September 22: Language page 39, study for spelling test
Civil War Project due September 30
Spelling Test Unit 4 Friday with SS Words
Tuck Everlasting Test on Friday
Civil War Leaders Test on Thursday 
Monday, September 12: Language page 23: no sentences on A, follow directions on B and C; Finish Quiz Time chapters 19-25, answer using complete sentences; Bring completed SS flash cards to class tomorrow; Bring all Quiz Times to class on Wednesday; bring lawyer letter signed tomorrow
Tuesday, September 13: Finish chapter 3 lesson 2 reading guide, finish Quiz Time, bring all Quiz Times to class tomorrow
Wednesday, September 14: Finish Treegap Brochure, bring signed progress report back to school tomorrow, study for Civil War Leaders test
Thursday, Setptember 15: Bring 25 index cards to class tomorrow, study for spelling test and Tuck Everlasting test
Spelling test Unit 4 Friday with SS words
Tuesday, September 6: Language page 17, finish Quiz TIme ch. 6-11
Wednesday, September 7: Finish Tuck Everlasting chapter 12-18,Civil War Project due September 30, Civil War leaders test next Thursday, Bring 25 index cards to class Friday
Spelling test unit 3 Friday with SS words
Social studies chapter 1 test Tuesday
Picture day Wednesday
Monday, August 29: Finish language pages 12-13, read chapter 3 in Tuck Everlasting 
Tuesday, August 30: Language page 15, finish Tuck Everlasting Quiz Time
Wednesday, August 31: Read Tuck Everlasting chapters 7-8
Thursday, September 1: Finish Quiz Time corrections and chapter 2 lesson 2 reading guide, read Tuck Everlasting chapters 10-11
Spelling Test Unit 2 Friday with SS Words
Summer reading tests over Frindle and a biography with at least 75 pages Friday
Social Studies chapter 1 test will be Tuesday, August 30
Monday, August 22: Weekly Reader, language page 5
Tuesday, August 23: Lines of longitude page, language page 7
Wednesday, August 24: Language page 9, finish social studies chapter 1 lesson 2 reading guide
Thursday, August 25: Language page 11, study for spelling test, Frindle test, and biography test
Friday, August 26: If you did not finish the social studies reading guide, it needs to be finished for homework.
Spelling Test Unit 1 Friday with SS words
Monday, August 15: Return first day packet, bring $6 for an agenda, and return Parent Homework In a Million Words or Less by Friday, August 19 
Tuesday, August 16: Rewrite Lifesaver paragraphs, and bring the original and the new one back tomorrow.  First day packets must be returned tomorrow. 
Wednesday, August 17: Finish language page 3, study for summer reading tests on Friday, August 26 and spelling test on Friday, August 19
Thursday, August 18: Online social studies textbook note with parent signature, parts of a novel activity with definitions, Parent Homework In a Million Words or Less due tomorrow
Thursday, August 11: Return 1st day packet, bring $6 to buy an agenda, return personality bag completed on Monday, practice lock combination, and return Parent Homework In a Million Words or Less by Friday, August 19