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Math Games


Chapter 1


Place Value to Million


* a bunch of links a bunch of links a bunch of links a bunch of links


Rounding two player



Chapter 2

1 Digit Multiplication a bunch of links

Partial Products

Chapter 3

2 Digit Multiplication a bunch of links


Chapter 4

1 Digit Division   Quiz a bunch of links a bunch of links a bunch of links a bunch of links Go to 4th grade


Factors and Multiples Chapter 5




just multiples- pumpkins

just multiples fruit

Factor Bones

Factor Dogs

Math Balloons Factors

Math Tank Run Factors

Math Pup Jump

NCTM Illuminations (one or two players)

Math Millionaire Factors

Factor Feeder


Fractions Chapter 6

Equivalent Fractions



space matching HARD

Fishing and target hitting



Simplest Form


Common Denominator/ Least Common Multiple (LCM)


Compare Fractions


Greatest to Least/ putting fractions in order

Chapter 7 Add and Subtract Fractions

Adding and Subtracting (ADDING) adding/ subtracting (ADDING)

Mixed Numbers/ Improper Fractions

add/ subtract mixed numbers



Chapter 8 Fraction Multiplication whole number times a unit fraction whole number (x) mixed number



Chapter 9 Fraction to Decimal 




10/100 the same as 1/10

Money= decimal

money word problems

1/10 + 1/100


><= (HARD) (A bunch of links) (A bunch of links) Money

Chapter 10 Shapes

Lines, Rays, and Angles

classification of triangles


parallel, perpendicular, intersecting lines

Classify Quadrilaterals

Lines of Symmetry



Chapter 11 Angles A bunch of links a bunch links

Chapter 12 Measure it

Length song


Weight song



Chapter 13 Perimeter and Area * perimeter of a rectangle area area area A lot of links