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Earth Day

Science Day


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Inspire Science

Unit 1

Lesson 2


Kinetic and Potential

P32 Roller Coaster

Lesson 3

Transfer of Energy P. 41,43

Collision Video

Inertia P. 48,49 

Inertia Rock

Newton's Cradle P 50-51

Inelastic collision P. 50-51



Types of energy P. 12-14

Types of energy 2

Types of Energy 3



Different Types of Energy


Circuits video



Circuits 2

Circuits 3


Heat Transfer  Pg70, 71

Heat vs Thermal Energy Pg 69

Conductor Insulator Pg 76 77


Nonrenewable Resources

Fossil Fuels pg 89, 94

Nonrenewable energy Pg 94 95

Conversion of energy from one form to another Pg 97

Renewable/ non renewable game.

Energy from Renewable Resources


Renewable Resources 105, 110

Renewable Resources105, 110

Renewable Resources 105, 110

Biomass/ Biofuel 110

Geothermal Energy111

Hydroelectricity 113

Hydropower 112


Solar 111


Wind 114

Sort Renewable vs nonrenewable


Impact of Energy Use

Reduce, reuse, recycle

3 Rs

Pittsburgh Air


Design Energy Solutions

3 Blades on Wind Turbines

Wind Farms


Design Process

Unit 3

Map Earth Features


Ocean floor

Ocean floor

ocean floor GAME

Types of Maps


Evidence from Rocks and Fossils

Fossil Dig/ Types of rock layers

Layers of time

water erosion


Changes in Landscapes Overtime

Introduction to Weathering

Introduction to Erosion

Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Experiment


Map Earthquakes

40 Years of Earthquakes in the USA

What Causes Earthquakes?

Animation of the Largest Earthquakes in the Past 100 Years


Model Earthquake Movement

How is an Earthquake Like ripples from a drop of water on a pond?

Earthquake Waves (Song)

The Study of Seismology


Reduce Earthquake Damage

Why Earthquakes Are So Hard To Predict

Kids Earthquake Safety

How We Design Buildings to Survive Earthquakes


Unit 4

Structures and Fuctions of Plants

What Foods do Plants Need to Grow?

Parts of a Plant

Pollination and Fertilization in Plants


Structures and Functions of Animals

Animal Needs

What are Adaptations?

The Great Monarch Migration


Information Processing in Animals

Blood-Squirting Lizard

Animal Senses

The Nervous System


Role of Animals' Eyes

What is refraction of light and What’s reflection of light?

Materials - Transparent? Translucent? Opaque? (Mini Game)

How Animals See the World


Information Transfer

Evolution of Communication

Advances in Communication

How Exactly Does Binary Code Work?


Lesson 2

Animal Classification

Animal Classification 2

Animal Classification 3



Scientific Method Crash Course

Plants Jeopardy Game

Animals Jeopardy Game

Earths Resources Crash course

Adaptation Jeopardy

Electricity Jeopardy Game

Magnetism Jeopardy Game

AIMS Science Jeopardy Game



Scientific Investigation

Video about the scientific method: