Spelling Quizlet

Unit 1 Thinking it Through

Week 1 The Princess and the Pizza

Spelling Short Vowels


Week 2 Expert, Incorporated

Spelling Long A


Week 3 Earthquakes

Spelling Long E


Week 4 A Crash Course in Forces and Motion

Spelling Long I


Week 5 Kids in Business 

Spelling Long O


Unit 2 Amazing Animals

Week 1 The Secret Message

Spelling Prefixes


Week 2 Ranita, The Frog Princess

Spelling Digraphs


Week 3 The Buffalo Are Back

Spelling Three Letter Blends


Week 4 Spiders

Spelling R Controlled Vowels


Week 5 The Sandpiper

Spelling Suffixes


Unit 3 That's the Spirit!

Week 1 The Cricket in TImes Square

Spelling R Controlled Vowels


Week 2 Aguinaldo

Spelling Silent Letters


Week 3 Deliverling Justice

Spelling Soft c and g


Week 4 Abe's Honest Words

Spelling Plurals


Week 5 A New Kind of Corn

Spelling Compound Words


Unit 4 Fact or Fiction?

Week 1 See How They Run

Spelling Inflectional Endings


Week 2 LaRue for Mayor

Spelling Inflectional Endings


Week 3 The Moon Over Star

Spelling Words with u


Week 4 Why Does the Moon Change Shape?

Spelling Diphthongs oi and ou


Week 5 Swimming to the Rock

Spelling Variant vowel o



Unit 5 Figure it Out

Week 1 Mama, I'll Give You the World

Spelling Closed Syllables


Week 2 Apples to Oregon

Spelling Open Syllables


Week 3 How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning

Spelling Vowel Teams


Week 4 A Drop of Water

Spelling r-controlled Vowel Syllables


Week 5 Rediscovering Our Spanish Beginnings

Spelling Consonant + le Syllables


Unit 6 Past, Present, and Future

Week 1 The Game of Silence

Spelling Words with /en/


Week 2 Valley of the Moon

Spelling Homophones


Week 3 Energy Island

Spelling Prefixes


Week 4 The Big Picture of Economics

Spelling Suffixes


Week 5 The Drum

Spelling Prefixes and Suffixes