Distance Learning Resources


Kahn Academy Instructional Videos ( this link will take you to practice your dividing fraction skills) (this link will take you to practice dividing mixed numbers) (this link will take you to a review of all of the above) ( this link will take you to videos with instructions on how to divide different types of fractions, as well as multiple interactive practice opportunities)

YouTube Videos for GoMath

Lesson 8.5

Lesson 11.1

Lesson 11.2

Lesson 11.3

Lesson 11.4

Lesson 11.5

Lesson 11.6

Lesson 11.7 (this link will take you to a video about volume) (link will take you to a video showing how to calculate volume using cubes) (link will take you to a game/quiz on volume of cubes and rectangular prisms) (link will take you to a Minecraft themed game to practice how to figure out volume)


Kahoot Dividing Fractions ( This is the pin for this game 0980585) ( This is the pin for this game 0472409) ( This is the pin for this game 0878437) ( This is the pin for this game 0248090) ( This is the pin for this game 0811082)


Fractions Worksheets/Printables

This website will allow you to print numerous math related worksheets for your student. I have added the link that will take you right to all fraction related problems. Your student should be practicing dividing fractions at this time.

Math Standard 5.NF.b.7a:

all worksheets for standard:


Math Standard 5.NF.b.7b:

all worksheets for standard:


Math Standard 5.NF.B.3:

all worksheets for standard:


Math Standard 5.NF.B.7c:

all worksheets for standard:


Math Standard 5.GB.3:

Polygon Type Worksheet:

Other Worksheets:

Classifying Quadrilaterals w/game, video, & lesson:


Math Standard 5.GB.4:



Math Standard 5.MD.C.3:




Math Standard 5.MD.C.4:



Math Standard 5.MD.C.5a-5c:



Other Math Worksheets:  




Math Games Based on Lessons or Chapters (for use during normal school hours, or for distance learning)


Lesson 1.2  Place Value

Lesson 1.3 Properties of Addition

Soccer Game Properties of Addition

Car Racing with Properties of Addition

Addition Properties Trivia Game

Lesson 1.4  Powers of 10 and exponents

Lesson 1.5 Multiplication Patterns 

Multiplication pattern game

Lesson 1.6 Multiply by 1-digit numbers

Multiply by 1-digit game

Lesson 1.7 Multiply multi-digit 

Multiply by multi-digit game

Lesson 1.8 Relate multiplication to division

Relate multiplication to division game

Lesson 1.9  Multiplication and division

Lesson 1.10  Numerical Expression

Lesson 1.12  Grouping symbols


Lesson 2.1 Place the first digit

Division Place value game

Division game

Lesson 2.2 and 2.3 Division with 2-digit Divisors

Lesson 2.4 Partial Quotients

Quotient game

Lesson 2.5 Estimate with 2-digit Divisors

Lesson 2.6 Divide by 2-digit Divisors

Lesson 2.7 Interpret the Remainder

Lesson 2.8 Adjust Quotients

Lesson 2.9 Problem Solving Division


Lesson 3.2 Place Value of Decimals

Lesson 3.3 Compare and order Decimals

Lesson 3.4 Round Decimals

Lesson 3.5 Decimal Addition

Lesson 3.6 Decimal Subtraction


Lesson 4.1 Multiplying decimals

4.7 multiplying decimals

Dividing Decimals

Decimal Word Problems

Comparing Decimals

Decimal Activities


Chapter 6 Games/Activities

Fraction Addition Game

Fraction Board Game - Multiplayer

GCF & LCM Jeopardy - Multiplayer

Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators - Pac Man

Football Fraction Addition

Other Fraction Games

Mixed Number Pac-Man

Least Common Multiple Fruit Chop


Chapter 7 Games/Activities

Fraction Multiplication Practice

Snow Sprint Fractions

Who Wants to be a Hundredaire?

Fraction Multiplication Soccer

Catapult Game

Choose Any Multiplying Fraction Games for Grade 5

Ice Cream Shop

Pac Man

XP Math



Chapter 8 Games/Activities

Dividing Fractions Soccer

Dividing Fractions Basketball

Rocket to the Moon

Divide & Grab


Chapter 9 Games

Locate the Aliens! (Ordered Pairs)

Graph Ordered Pairs

Soccer Coordinates

Stock The Shelves (Ordered Pairs)

The Coordinate Plane

Graph Mole (Ordered Pairs)

X,Y Wizard (Ordered Pairs)


Chapter 10 Games

Measurement Games (Choose Any)

Measurement Conversion Games (Choose Any)


Chapter 11 Games/Acitivities

Volume of Rectangular Prisms & Cubes

Polygon Shape Shoot






Multiplication Activities

Division Activities

Order of Operations Activities

Fraction Activities

Subtraction Activities

Addition Activities

Percent Activities

Measurements Activities