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Distance Learning Resources

Kahn Academy  Westward Expansion


Kahoot Westward Expansion ( This is the pin for this game 0328565) ( This is the pin for this game 0933814) ( This si the pin for this game 075786)


Week 2 Distance Learning: The Civil War

Civil War/Reading/Activities/Quizes ( This is a mandatory reading/assignment)

Quizlet Civil War Vocab practice (This is optional for more practice)  


Other Resources

Social Studies Games




War With Mexico


Roads,Rivers, and Rails

Moving To Texas

The Oregon Trail/ Western Trails


The Industrial Revolution


Interactive Colony Map

Trades in the Colonies


American Revolution

American Revolution Game

Revolution Choice Game

Interactive Info on Revolutionary War

Liberty or Death Video

American Revolution Causes

Step by Step Guide through the Revolution and War


Review Questions

Information & Review


The Proclamation of 1763

What is a Proclamation?

What was the Proclamation of 1763?

Why was the Proclamation of 1763 important?


The Sugar Act

What was the Sugar Act?


The Stamp Act

Stamp Act for Kids

What was The Stamp Act?

Stamp Act Information - Read, then take the 10 question Quiz at the bottom of the website


The Tea Act

What was the tea act?

The Tea Act & The Boston Tea Party


The Intolerable Acts

What were the Intolerable Acts?


Battles of Lexington & Concord

Battles of Lexington & Concord - Read and answer questions

Lexington & Concord Information - Answer Questions at Bottom


Battles of Saratoga

Informational Website - Take 10 question quiz at bottom


France Helps the Continental Army

How France Helped win the Revolutionary War

American Allies



Battle of Yorktown

Kiddle - Yorktown


Loyalists vs Patriots

Who Were Loyalists?



Trail of Tears for Kids