My Side of the Mountain

My Side of the Mountain Quizlet I (A-C)

My Side of the Mountain Quizlet II (D-G)

My Side of the Mountain Quizlet III (I-P)

My Side of the Mountain Quizlet IV (R-W)


Visit the three sites below.

*Make a Shakespeare timeline 

*Take notes on the information you find- write 10 interesting things you found on either site

*Write a description of how one thing was made (Globe theater site)

*Write a brief summary of the play MacBeth after watching the animated synopsis on Youtube 

Who Was He? fun facts, timeline and scavenger hunt

Globe Theater- how did they do that

MacBeth Animated Synopsis- Youtube (about 10 minutes)



September Spelling Menu

October Spelling Menu 

Vocabulary Spelling City: U2W4 Spelling Word Practice



U3W4 The Emporer's Silent Army Quizlet 

U3W5 The Case of the Phantom Poet Quizlet

U4W1 Exploring the Titanic Quizlet

U4W3 Saving Grace Quizlet

U4W5 A Single Shard Quizlet

U5W1 Breaking Through Quizlet

U5W2 Ta-Ka-E-Na Quizlet

Many Countries, One Currency Quizlet

U5W4 Honus & Me Quizlet

U5W5 Let it Shine Quizlet

U6W1 Lenardo's Horse Quizlet

U6W3 These Walls Can Talk Quizlet

U6W4 Breaking Into Print Quizlet

U6W5 The Dog of Pompeii Quizlet



How to Use a Dictornary- entertaining Yutube demonstration

Frisbee Reading 

* Origin: The Frisbee Pie Company-- Flying Saucers- Wham-O!

* Variations: Ultimate Frisbee: a fun and energetic team game

* Frisbee/ Disc Golf: A fun and strategic game similar to golf



Quia Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement (Multi-Choice Practice)

Khan Academy Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement (Multi-Choice Practice)

Grammar Bytes- Prounoun Agreement Lesson (read a review lesson with examples)

Pronoun Pete Song

Posessive Pronoun

Posessive Pronoun Millionaire Game

Posessive Pronoun Game by Turtle Diary

Posessive Pronoun Jeopardy