Fruit Splat GCF

GCF Jeopardy Game

Hooda Math Factor Feeder

Facotrization Forest - A Prime Factorization Game

Factor Game

How to Find GCF Video Teach

GCF Review Animation with Rabbits



Ratio Rumble



Exponents Battleship

Pirates Board Game

Baseball Exponents


Prime Factorization

King Kong's Prime Numbers

Kung Fu Factors- Prime Factorization


Order of Operations PEMDAS

Order of Operations




Writing Variable Expressions multiple choice

Writing Variable Expressions create your own

Histograms, Dot Plots, and Box Plots

Making Histograms

IXL Histograms

Kahn Academy Histograms

Braining Camp- Box and Whisker Plots

Box and Whisker Plots

CK-12 Box and Whisker Plots

Creating a Dot Plot (Video by Learnzillion)

Mean, Median, Mode & Range

Dunk Tank

Kids Math

Calculating Mean, Median, and Mode

Mean. Median, Mode, and Range Games (First 5 listed work on these skills)

Area of Polygons

Brain Pop Area of Polygons

Dunk Tank (area of squares and rectangles)

XP Math- Finding Areas of Parallelograms

Online Math Learning- Formulas and Examples Study Guide

Mrs. Burkhart's Class Website- direct link to her collection of area and perimeter games


Coordinate Plane- games to practie graphing on a coordinate plane (17 games)

Math Is Fun- Introduction to Algebra (why use a variable, and solving for x using additon and subtraction- review lesson and 10 practice problems)

Math Basketball (1-2 Players, one step equations with addition and subtraction)

Math Soccer (1-2 Players, one step equations with addition and subtraction)

Equation Puzzle (Algebra vocabulary practice)