Service in 6th

"In helping others, we help ourselves"


While in 6th grade we want our students to become philanthropists, looking for ways that they can help others in their community. This builds an appreciation for what they have, and shows them that even small actions of kindness can make a big difference to the community.



Recycling Challenge with Trex- helping our community and the world by sponsoring a plastic film drive for the school throughout the 2018-19 school year.

We recycled 190 lbs of plastic film over the course of this project!!!

Thank you to everyone who supported us and saved and brought in plastic film. We made a huge impact!

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Our class is hosting a plastic film drive for the school! Make sure to save and bring in any plastic grocery bags, bubble wrap, plastic wrapping, or plastic mailers to be added to our collection that we weight and turn in to community recycling partners every month. If our school collects the most, we will recieve a Trex bench for our campus!

You can learn more about our recycling partner Trex on their website, or in this video.


Monthly projects:

April 2019

Our students wrote letters of appreciation to WWII Veterans who will be going to Washington DC o visit the WWII Memorial at the National Mall through the Honor Flight program.

Image result for honor flightWatch a video overview of Honor Flight here.

March 2019

We designed hospital gowns for Starlight. A contest will be held todeterine which student designs submitted from across the country will become hospital gowns to brighten the lives of hospitalized children.


February 2019

Students created "Stand with me, be drug free" posters for the MATFORCE contest in order to inspire other youth to make healthy life choices and say no to drugs.



January 2019

Our students will be making Cards for Hospitalized Kids. These cards (general r holiday themed) will be delivered to children who are currently hospitalized to bring brighness to their day. Childen who are hospitalized son't have the social opportunities of other children and often don't have the opportunity to exchange holiday cards, or celebrate with other children. Cards can really make their day.

November/December 2018

Our students are making bears our of hand towels (donations of new hand towels are much appreciated) to donate to the local abuse sheltter, Stepping Stones. These bears will provide a small comfort as well as a needed daily use item to those seeking shelter at Stepping Stones. To see how these bears are made you can watch a brief YouTube tutorial.

October 2018

Our students are collecting materials to send through Operation Gratitude to deployed troops- items needed include pencils, beef jerkey, soap, crosswords, and puzzle books, books, gum, soap, hard candies, and playing cards, etc. See the full list on Operation Gratitude's website here.

September 2018

Operation Gratitude

Our students are writing letters to deployed soldiers that will be sent to them through Operation Gratitude.