Social Studies


Dirt Detective- Interactive simmulation of archeology

Ancient World (General)

Ancient cultures games for Kids- a collection of games featuring a variety of ancient cultures

The Big Myth (interactive myth feature map of the ancient world)

Law Code of Hammurabi Quiz

You be the Judge- Hammurabi's Code

Crash Course Videos on Youtube (Great Intro or Review)


Persians & Greeks

Roman Empire

Indus Valley Civilization

Ancient Egypt


Silk Road


Silk Road and Ancient Trade

Ancient Games


Clovis Alternative Routes Interactive

Clovis Artifact Review

By Land or By Sea? Discussion on how early Americans arrived

Early Humans for Kids- explore these links to kid friendly articles on early humans

Challenging Clovis- 5 minute video challenging the idea that Clovis were the first Americans

Rethinking the First Americans- film 1:20

First Peoples of America, PBS NOVA- film 55min

Tracking the First Americans, Ancient Voices- film 50 min

Skara Brae

Brief video covering the people od Skara Brae


Dig Into History- investigate Mesopotamian artifacts and curate a museum exhibit

Ancient Mesopotamia for Kids- Stories and games

The British Museum- explore their Mesopotamian artifacts and infromation

Gilgamesh and the Cedar Forest- Mesopotamian myth

Cuneiform- infromation and images of the first written language

Mud Bricks- directions how to make your own adobe bricks

Cuneiform Hands on Activity

Babylonia & Assyria

Quick Overview of Babylon

Printable 3D model of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Finding Babylon's Hanging Garden- 40 min documntary film

Draw the Hanging Gardens you imagine printable

Hebrews, Phoenicians & Lydians


Egypt & Nubia

Ancient Egypt WebQuest Under the Units tab select Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Tech Ducksters

Egypt's Golden Age

Eternal Egypt

Ancient Egypt- the British Museum- explore ancient Egyptian culture through guided virtual examination of artifacts

Escape The Mummy's Tomb Adventure Quiz Game

Discover Ancient Egypt- suite of 6 interactive games to learn about clothing, building, writing, and religion

Bee Keeping

Engineering- The Pyramids

Explore the Pyramids Tour and Excavation

Ancient Egyptian Boat Building


Mummy Maker- enter the embalmer's shop to experience the ancient Egyptian process of mummification

Making Mummies- hands on

Apple (1 Week using baking soda and salt)

Hot Dog (2-4 weeks using baking soda)

Chicken (month+ long using salt)

Math + Calendar

Egyptian Math and Calendar

Egyptian Calendar Online Kids Encyclopedia

Games + Toys

Senet Play Online against a computer

Egyptain Games, Toys and Past Times

Games and Toys

Marble and Top Games

Hounds and Jackals Egyptian Board Game 3D Printing Download


Ancient China

Terra Cotta Warriors- National Geographic Video

China's Terracotta Warriors-1 hour Documentary

Ancient ChineseInventions

Ancient China for Kids

Ancient China for Kids- Ducksters

Ancientt China Overview (with geography and video)


India & Persia

Hindu Basics (for your mandala project)


Mesoamerican Civilizations (Olmec, Maya, & Aztec)

Early South American Peoples (Chavin, Mochica, & Inca)

Early North American Peoples (Southwest, Mound Buiders, & Canadians)

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Printable Roman Helmet


Byzantine Empire & Ancient Arabia

Asian Empire (Chinese Dynasties & Japan)

African Empires

Medieval Europe


Holidays Around World

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World Song- Youtube

Why Christmas- links for various countries and their celebrations

How Children Celebrate Christmas Around the World- article


A Hanukah Story for Kids- Youtube video

Duckesters Hanukah

Hanukah for Kids


Diwali- National Geographic for Kids

10 Fabulous Facts About Diwali- National Geographic Kids

Diwali, The Hindu Festival of Lights

Diwali, Fesitval of Lights- National Geographi Youtube video

Happy Diwali- Diwali story for kids on Youtube

Ramayana- Story of Diwali- Youtube video


Kwanza Lesson for Kids- Youtube

PBS Kwanza- Youtube

Kwanza Sesame Street- Youtube

Kwanza for Kids

Chinese New Year

What is Chinese New Year?


Celebrating Ramadan- National Geographic for Kids

Ramadan Fact Sheet

What Is Ramadan? - Youtube Video for kids


Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day (December 7)

World War II- Attack on Pearl Harbor- Ducksters

Pearl Harbor- 30 Facts for Kids

Pearl Harbor Day- Book List for Kids and A Personal Story

Attack on Pearl Harbor- National Geographic Kids

National Park Service- Valor in the Pacific site



United States

Animaniacs States and Capitols Song

Animaiacs Presidents (through Clinton) Song

USA States and Capitols Games

    *President Report*

Ducksters Presidential Biographies for Kids

USA4Kids U.S. Presidents

American Presidnets Interactive

Fun Presidental Facts Video

National Geographic Kids- Presidential Fun Facts

Social Studies for Kids- U.S. Presidents

Kid Info- US Presidents

Fun Facts on US Presidents for Kids Presidents Page

Presdidential Libraries- linksto the libraries of former presidents including interactive activities and facts Presidents Page

iBiblio- Presdient page

Michigan State University Presidental Collection

History Channel- scroll down through topics to "Presidents"


Inventors and Innovators Week (1700-1850)

Early Fax Machine

Alexander Bain

Fredrick Bakewell

Binary Code Inventor: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Binary Code Alphabet Chart

Binary and Computer Symbol Codes and Information

Overview of the Binary System

Binary Translator

Binary Code Explained Video

Binary Numbers (Math) for Kids

Binary Bracelet Making Guide

Nim's Game

Timeline of Inventions (1700-1799)

Timeline of Inventions (1800-1899)