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Welcome to Ms. Corralejo Classroom Website

Philosophy Statement


The reason why I teach...

I believe children are the future and deserve a rich and full educational experience in order to help them fulfill their dreams and goals. I am a certified bilingual educator who has the experience and ability to help my students experience an adequate classroom environment where they can develop, learn, and succeed.

I teach students who…

I teach English language learners who are in the progress of attaining proficiency in English.  About 80% of my ELL students are Spanish speakers who usually have arrived from a foreign country. My job is to reach every diverse student in my classroom in order to help them feel part of the class and achieve excellence.  Promoting bilingualism inside my classroom is one of my main priorities. ELL students will be encourage to use their native language and English as their second language inside and outside the classroom.

How And What I Teach…

I believe every student who walks inside my classroom doors have a unique way of learning. It is my job to help every student discover their learning style in order to have them strive for academic achievements.

My ability and beliefs on affective teaching will help guide every student to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially without having my students fall behind. Every student will be able to interact and work in groups in order to help them learn from their classroom peers. All students will be able to complete all content areas that will be taught inside the classroom. Every student will be prepared to go into the following class grade without having any kind of trouble in their academics. Every student will be given the appropriate leaning instruction in order to succeed in this upcoming school year.

The support system our students need…

Students can become successful in their academics as long they have the adequate support system. Parents, teachers, and the school administration have the responsibility to help the student succeed. If we work as a team this school year will be a school year full of great achievements.

-- Ms. Corralejo

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