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Welcome to 3rd grade!


Welcome to your math & science class with Ms. Crane.

We are going to have a great year! Yes, things are a little different this year but we will work together to make this year as fun as possible! I know some of you may feel scared or nervous coming back to school but we are in this together. I will make sure you feel safe! If you ever need anything please let your teacher know. Do not be afraid! smiley   

Wash your hands! Wear a mask!

most importantly...      STAY SAFE & HEALTHY!

Virtual Learning 

We are starting the year off learning online! This is to make sure we are all safe. Once it is safe to return to school, you will be back in the classroom with me.

Let's make some online learning rules!

  • You must be online for our class - you will be counted absent if you are not online
  • Just like regular school, you will need to be online at the exact time we start.
  • Raise your hand or send a message in the chat if you have a question.
  • Do not interrupt the teacher or your classmates.
  • You MUST participate to get a grade. That means you have to answer questions, help solve problems, etc.
  • Please do not wear pajamas.
  • Cameras on (if you can not turn it on, please let me know)



Important Announcements




Lessons & Homework for the week