Class Photos



JANUARY 19, 2012

Silly Faces! cheeky


Mrs. Dajero's Piglets! 


Mrs. Gibbons' and the class!


Computer Station


Promethan Board Station


Reading to a Buddy


Big Book Station

Our class quilt for Black History Month...  We read Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King and drew a picture of our favorite part of the book!  It looks amazing!


FEBRUARY 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Party... Making our Crazy Leg Valentine!


They follow directions so well!


Passing out the Valentines! <3

Playing "Four Corners" with the students

Playing "Scrambled Eggs" for recess


FEBRUARY 24, 2012

Mrs. Dajero sprayed painted her hair because the class raised over $300 for the fundraiser!!!!!!laugh


A visit from one of our community helpers... ILES school nurse Mrs. Lister


MARCH 2, 2012

Mrs. Dajero's favorite Seuss book and the yummy snack! cool


One of the red fish from the book! :)


The RRT reading to Ms. Schlicker and Mrs. Dajero's class.... Oh!  The Places You Will Go :)


Thing 1s looking for the Cat in the Hat during our rhyming scavenger hunt


Thing 2s looking for the their clues during the scavenger hunt


The Cat in the Hat  candy hat the students made with a blue and white pattern



Word Study station... finding rhyming words in different Dr. Seuss books



MARCH 2, 2012

Reading With Ms. Nixon's Third Grade Class

March 15, 2012


P.E Time with Mrs. Gibbons

Stretching before playing a game


About to start the relays!


Abigaels Daddy back from Bahrain

March 16, 2012

Thank you to all of our mommys and daddys serving in the military! :)


The Leprechaun of St. Patrick's Day

March 19, 2012

The leprechaun dropped a hat full of candy on the floor... so each student got 3 pieces of candy... HOW LUCKY! smiley


He/she made a mess when it climbed on the table to get the Lucky Charms... we didn't catch a leprechaun! :(


It knocked over the tree and left little foot prints on the wall from the gold glitter in the trap!


It hung a rainbow up for us!  There was even a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


Foot prints going down the wall!


It put candy in the Prize Pig! :)  THANK YOU!

Norfolk Tides Class Prizes

March 2012



She read 80 books so she got to read a book to the class! :)


Being Teacher for the Day!


Teacher for the Day!

My friends that read over 100 books!






Sight Word Easter Egg Hunt

April 5, 2012

The book Mrs. Gibbons read to the class


His estimation was the closest... so he got to take all the jelly beans home!


Searching for the hidden soccer ball easter egg


Getting ready to get the eggs!!! :)  They were so ExCiTeD!


There was no way to hide all of these eggs!