Literacy Tasks


We are so excited to be working with your child!  We have exciting Literacy Tasks, engaging Language Arts lessons, and fun math lessons that your child is sure to love!


Literacy Tasks:

Literacy tasks are basically what you would call "centers!"  Each student will complete TWO literacy tasks per day, which will give them a total of TEN tasks by Friday! The ten tasks that they will participate in are:

  • Read the room-  the students walk around the room with a pointer, clipboard, pencil and paper, and read as many words as they can.  The students use their pointers to touch the words, and then must say the words out loud, and finally write the word on their papers. 
  • Read to a Buddy-  the students get books from their designated baskets and read to a "buddy."  When we say buddy, they are not reading to another student, but instead they are reading to a stuffed animal.  This will allow your child to practice oral reading AND give them something soft to hold!
  • Promethen Board-  the students work with our word families of the week, or do an activity with chosen sight words to reinforce what they learned in previous weeks.
  • Big Books-  the students get a- you guessed it!- big book.  The books range from easy fiction to upper-level science.  The purpose of this literacy task is to have students practice oral reading and deciphering unknown words.
  • Math- the students do an extension activity to one of the math lessons of the week.  Students use manipulatives or play games to reinforce what they have already learned.
  • Word Study- the students identify sight words, explore unknown words, develop phonemic awareness, and practice sorting words into specified groups.
  • Reading- the students sit on the carpet and read level-appropriate books independently.
  • Writing-  the students write in their journals to practice sentence and thought formation.  They are either given a topic to write about, or choose something that peaks their interest.
  • Listening-  the students listen to an audio book and complete an activity or graphic organizer to test comprehension.
  • Computer-  the students will do activities on the computer either on Starfall or Tenth Planet to practice skills they are learning in the class