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Classroom Behavior:

Students are expected to follow the classroom rules AND the school's rules.  The behavior chart in our room is not your typical stoplight!  We represent our "PIG-ture Perfect Behavior" in the form of a barn yard!  Every student is assigned a number, and their number is on a pig.  At the beginning of the day, every pig starts off in the green grass.  If a student ignores a warning he/she is asked to move his/her pig and must move the pig into the MUD.  If the student continues to ignore the teacher and the rules, the student will then be asked to move the pig into the PIG PEN and will have a note sent home!

HOWEVER- We are all about REDEMPTION, so if a student is asked to move his/her pig, the student can move the pig back if behavior improves! 

Get 2 Months for $5!