100th Day

Coming into the classroom

Our school to put on our growing number line!  Mrs. Gibbons did an amazing job! :)


Our 100 collections! cheeky

100 Bear Scavengar Hunt... can you see the bears?


Finding 100 bears and putting them on the 100 grid

Looking for bears

Looking for the last bear... number 94... and we NEVER found it! :(

Doing the 100 dance

Making a Pattern necklace with 100 fruit loops... if there were extra ones... they got to eat them cool

Hard at work making our 100-day star

Making a dollar

Writing what they would do with 100 dollars

Explaining how many pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters in a dollar

Making 100-day Crowns

Our stations

Working at their stations!  They were so well-behaved and engaged in what they were doing! angel

All packed up to go home for the 100th time!