Romeo and Juliet Webquest

Webquest on Romeo and Juliet

Directions: You are going to be taking on the following three roles for this webquest.

BIOGRAPHER / link 1 / link 2



Do the following on Day 1:

As the biographer, first click on link 1 and write explore any three of the time periods listed. Write down three interesting facts for EACH ONE of those on your paper. Then click on link 2. List any three works other than Romeo and Juliet and include the dates. Tell a little about each. (Hint: you may need to explore the site and other internet sites to give short summaries.)

As the historian, click on the link to explore the Globe Theater. List any five interesting facts you learn about the Globe Theater.

As the translator, click on the link and then translate the prologue into your own words.

Day 2: Using your information, write a one page summary of what you think life was like for Shakespeare. What did he spend his time doing? Where did he live? What was the time period like? Make sure you use Microsoft Word and include pictures of Shakespeare's house, himself, etc.

Day 3: Conducting your own internet research, give us a information on the following on a Powerpoint: Elizabethans, Queen Elizabeth, Christopher Marlowe, The Globe Theater, groundlings