Element 4

Milestone 4 – Professional Teaching Standards

Element 4:

I believe I have achieved element 4 and this is shown in my lesson plans and preparation.

I have achieved effective communication and classroom discussion through my lesson introduction to the class. As I outline what the students are to do in the lesson, what is required and what outcomes will be reached. I then discuss how students can reach these outcomes by questioning them so that they provide me with the learning goals. Classroom discussion is crucial for student development and therefore is an important part of every lesson. That is why I have provided students with a chance to have the opportunity to ask questions at the start of every lesson and I help this along by asking questions that generate more questions and classroom discussion.

I have used ICT tools in my lessons before and also used student grouping for this activity and many other lessons. I group students based on their abilities and also take into consideration behavioural issues that may arise with some students so they are grouped appropriately as well.

I will be looking to achieve more experience in my work experience this year in regard to grouping and questioning as these need to be different for every class and therefore I need to work on understanding what works best.

I need to get to know my students abilities in order to use appropriate questioning and grouping and my goal is to try to get to know all my students as soon as possible on my next work experience.