Element 6

Element 6:

Teachers continually improve their professional knowledge and practice:

I believe I have achieved Element 6 as I am continually learning new ideas and knowledge to apply to the classroom through study and work experience.

I have critically reflected on all of my lessons and also discussed these with the supervising teacher on what has worked or what could be changed. I have seen how important my planning is and will insure I continue with this as my career progresses.  I have work in a team environment along with other student teachers and teachers to provide students with fun and interactive lessons which help them to achieve appropriate lesson outcomes. I have accepted and used feedback provided to me to further help my future planning of lessons and recognise the policies required in NSW that teachers need to comply with.

I will need to further my growth in reflecting more on my lessons as I don’t always write them down.

I need to follow up after each lesson and make sure I critically evaluate most of them so that next time I can remember what did and did not work.