Website Links

There are a few websites that I wanted to make you aware of to supplement your child’s science education this year.  The first is the website that goes along with our science textbook.  It has interactive lessons, activities, and movies so that students can practice at home what we talk about at school.  We will be using some of these activities in school as well.


The web address is:


Password:  Jones (one of the authors’ last name)

Enter all the other information asked about school, state, and location of use (choose both) and hit the explore button. 


The school has also purchased access to the Brainchild online site to supplement your students studies.

The web address is:


Under the Achiever! Users Login type your username and password.  I have given these to the students at school.  They have it written down in the front of their agenda books.


Students can complete pre tests, watch lessons, study, and take a post test on many different standards of science that we will be learning this year.  Once a post test is completed, they can print off the page showing that they have mastered that particular standard (green checkmark).  These can be turned in for extra credit in class.  If the student is unable to print, they can write down the standard with their name and date.  I will check it in the system and give them their bonus points.  These can be completed during study hall at school or at home.

Science Vocabulary Hangman:


Harcourt School Science Glossary

This website has definitions and animated pictures to help students learn their vocabulary or complete assignments.