Review Sheets

Chapters D1 and D2 Review Sheet  

1.  What causes the Earth to have day and night (1 thing)? D14


2.  What causes the Earth to have seasons (2 things)? D15


3.  Complete the table. D15

Northern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere









4.  What are an equinox and a solstice? D15


5.  How long does the Earth take to make one rotation on its axis? D14


6.  How long does the Earth take to make one revolution around the sun? D15


7.  Why do we say the moon has a dark side? D7


8.  What do the Earth and the Moon have in common? D10


9.  How does the sun produce energy? D39


10.  How do we know the sun rotates on its axis? Notes


11.  Describe our sun (type of star, stage of life, what is it made of). Notes


12.  Name the four types of galaxies. D55


13.  What kind of galaxy do we live in?  What is it called? D55


14.  Where do stars form? D48


15.  What is at the center of our solar system? D38


16.  Name the planets in order from the sun out. D16-D18


17.  Tell me the school’s address from smallest to largest. Notes


18.  Name and draw the eight phases of the moon starting with new moon. D6 or Notes