About Praesto Academy


Praesto Academy 

                                                    Praesto in Latin means to stand before, be outstanding, excel, surpass, show.  


Vision of The Praesto Academy

To develop and inspire the minds of our scholars so that they will be prepared to lead their generation to the highest of levels.

Goals and Objectives of The Praesto Academy

*The Praesto Academy will focus on developing the students’ academic, social, and leadership skills.

*The scholars that participate in The Praesto Academy will be given a set of expectations and requirements that will be higher than most scholars at our school. However, The Praesto Academy Instructional Team will continue to work with our scholars in understanding that being a member of the Praesto Academy does not necessarily correlate to a "higher status level". These scholars will be the leaders of our learning community, not a separate entity.

*As a school, it is our desire to move away from the utilization of the "gifted" label to describe our young scholars. We feel that all of our scholars have been given "gifts" or "talents" that are unique and special to them. It is our hope that the Praesto Academy will not only stimulate and challenge the minds of our highest achieving scholars, but will also plant the seed of setting goals and meeting and exceeding expectations within the rest of our scholars who aspire to be a member of The Praesto Academy in the future.