Important Dates

Occassionally, I may need to remind you of an important date or something may come up on your end or mine. Be sure you are checking this page periodically and remember communication is the key! Email when all else fails! I check it as frequently as possible so I will try to respond to your email promptly.


***  Money mouth $10.00 lab fees are due no later than Friday Oct 2nd. Please be advise that student who do not pay will not be able to particpate in any future class trips.

*** Please remind parents of Title 1 forms, students who return forms will be given a homework pass!Surprised

*** Don't forget to bring you flash drives to class every class period, make sure to lable it with your name.Foot in mouth

***  Journal entries are due every Thursday or Friday depending on whether your class falls on an A day or B day no exceptions. Undecided