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The software programs listed here are just a few of many available web development software programs that are designed to help you to build and manage websites.

Claris HomePageWeb page authoring softwareSharewareMac, PC
DreamweaverBuild websites and applicationsCommercial/TrialMac, PC
FireworksCreate, edit & optimize images for the webCommercial/TrialMac, PC
FlashGraphic design, animation & soundCommercial/TrialMac, PC
FrontPageWeb authoring and management w/o HTMLCommercial/TrialPC
NVUWeb authoring and management w/o HTMLFreeMac, PC
iWebBuild websites and blogsCommercial/TrialMac
PHPBuild websites w/ server-side embedded HTMLFreeMac, PC

The varied capabilities of a web development software tool include, but are not limited to the following: create web pages using HTML codes or ready made templates with HTML embedded codes, edit web pages, zoom and guide tools to drag and drop images, paste content from word files or emails, tool bar for codes and style rendering tool bar to see a design view, CSS layout tools to help control the design of the web page, incorporate blogs and RSS feeds for podcasting, import flash videos, audio files, images from other applications, and publish to the web. The web development software tools can be used across the curriculum and in varied grade levels.

  • Applied Technology: Web development software tools in applied technology can help students to create websites that will communicate to a wide audience in and out of the school their knowledge and abilities to initiate, promote and maintain a business.
  • Art: The web development tool in the arts helps student to share their artwork, music, animated stories and digital drama presentations to a large audience on the web. The website can function as their E-portfolio for assessment and for future job or college applications.
  • Health and Physical Education: The web development tool in health and physical education helps students to communicate their understanding of health and fitness related issues to a wide audience. The website can be used to advocate and educate others beyond the school setting of relevant issues such as diet, exercise and healthy life style choices.
  • Foreign Language: The web development tool in foreign language can help students to communicate their research of a foreign culture and language.
  • Language Arts: The web development tool in language arts can help students create an informative website regarding an author or piece of literature. Writing for a website can help students practice the skills of writing for a wide and authentic audience. They can gain valuable visual/digital literacy skills through analyzing the usability and aesthetics of their favorite websites. Students can create multimedia projects by linking to podcasts and videos.
  • Mathematics: The web development tool in math is a tool for students to demonstrate their understanding of math concepts and how they apply to real life situations through developing an informative website.
  • Science: The web development tool in science helps students to share with a wide audience their understanding of a scientific concept, research about an inventor or results of experiments.
  • Social Studies: The web development tool in social studies helps students to create informative websites regarding a historical time period, its important people, geography and social issues.
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