Mrs. Dever's 2nd Grade


Dear 2D Parents,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      October 8, 2021

Thank you so much for making me feel so special on my birthday.  The flowers were just beautiful, the cards were very thoughtful, and the gift card was so generous!  We enjoyed a yummy yogurt birthday treat outside in the morning, too! The children made me feel especially happy when they kept guessing my age – 39 seemed to be the agreeable number!

Your children did very well during the CoGat testing week.  Thank you for making sure they were at their best for those testing days. We will get the results back from the test sometime before Christmas.  The students enjoyed no homework each night as well. We did continue with math lessons and completed the homework pages in class, so they are on target to have our Chapter 2 test before our first report card and conferences at the end of the month.

Our first parent sacramental meeting is coming up for those whose children will be receiving the sacraments this year.  It is Tuesday, October 19 at 6:30 pm in the Fallon Center.  Children do not attend this meeting.

Your child is bringing home a folder with information on the saint report.  It is due on or before November 5.  The saints that we research are the saints that stand in our cathedral – Holy Name of Jesus.  If you are able, please take your child to find his or her saint.  The cathedral is open for certain hours for a visit but also has scheduled Masses on Saturdays and Sundays.

Our room mothers have been terrific in getting information to you each week.  I hope that this communication has been helpful.  Thank you to all who have and continue to sign up to volunteer in the library, in the classroom for math centers, as parent readers, and as science lab helpers. 

Look for a conference schedule coming out soon to meet Wednesday, October 27, or Thursday, October 28 to discuss your child’s progress.  If you are unable to meet on those two days, I am happy to schedule a conference at another time.

Thank you for all that you do for us in 2D.