Lesson Plans for: April Minyard

5th grade/Room H2

Language Arts & Social Studies


7:40-8:05 Language Arts/Journaling Time

  1. Mrs. Stevens will put up the morning assignment file on the Smartboard.
  2. Students will get busy copying their daily language and journal.
  3. Students should journal quietly until the bell rings.


8:05-9:35 SFA (Reading)

  1. Today is Test Day (Day 5).
  2. Look to the right of the Smartboard on the two shelf plastic bookcase (next to my desk) and grab the Reading manual. The tests should be located on the manual. (If not, they are on the white bookcase behind my desk.)
  3. We are on week 3, day 5. Follow the lesson plan book for that day.
  4. Students should take their test quietly and read their AR books afterwards.


9:35-9:40 Language Arts, cont.

  1. Homeroom students continue journaling until the recess bell rings.


9:40-9:50 1st recess (you have a break)

  1. Send the students out into the hallway for inside recess with a library book.


9:50-10:25 Language Arts, cont.

  1. Pass out the Simile/Metaphor handout on the white bookcase behind my desk (located in the clear plastic sorter).
    1. Read the directions to students and have them complete individually.
    2. Go over the correct answers as a class.
  2. Have students open their English books to Unit 1 Review (look in the manual for the correct page number). All of my manuals are located on the white bookcase behind my desk.
    1. Students should complete Unit 1 Review quietly to review for their test Friday.
    2. When most students have finished, go over the answers as a class.


10:25-11:00 Social Studies

  1. TEST DAY!
  2. Look for the stapled tests behind my desk in the clear plastic sorter behind my desk and pass out to students.
  3. Go over the directions for the multiple choice and essay questions.
  4. Tell students to include good details for the essay questions and they may write their answer on the test or on the back.
  5. When students finish, have them turn it in and read their AR books quietly until lunch.


11:00-11:30 Lunch (Please escort students to the cafeteria. You have a break during this time. Meet the students back in the cafeteria at 11:25.)

11:30-12:00 Chorus/Band (Walk the students to Chorus. They can tell you where to go. Some students go straight to band.)

12:00-12:30 PE/Band (At 12:30, please meet the band students and walk them back to class. You can stand by the benches in front of the office and wait there for them or if you know where the band room is, go and meet them there.)


12:30-1:00 Language Arts (second class)

  1. Mrs. Stevens’ students come to my class in the afternoon.
  2. These students have the same assignments as above.
  3. Students should be journaling and daily language (MUG shot/Verbomania).


1:00-1:10 2nd recess (you have a break)

  1. Have students go into the hallway for inside recess with a library book.


1:10-1:25 Language Arts, cont.

  1. Students have the same assignment as earlier (similes/metaphor handout and English Unit 1 Review).


1:25-2:00 Social Studies

  1. Same assn as earlier: Test Day and read AR books after


2:00-2:35 French

  1. My students switch back and French students go to class.
  2. Have my remediation students read quietly for remediation today until French students return.


2:35-2:45 Students pack quietly.

2:45 Start lining up students to go outside and sit on the benches.

2:50-3:10 Stand outside by the benches as students go to their buses (this is my daily duty).



If you have discipline problems, please have students slide their conduct clip each time for each offense…

THANK YOU SO MUCH! How was your day? (Questions/Comments)