Benefits of Fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral which is naturally found in water, soil, plants and rocks. It is also found in your teeth and bones. It is mostly used in dentistry to take care of your teeth enamel and strengthen it. It plays a key role in preventing the formation of cavities in your teeth.




What Are The Main Uses Of Fluoride

Fluoride is mostly used in human health especially in dental health. It can be found in over-the-counter products at the local water supply. Some of the products that contain fluoride include.

  • Toothpaste
  • Supplements
  • Mouthwash

Fluoride is also used in medicine as an agent such as in PET scan as a cleaning agent and as a pesticide.

What Are The Benefits Of Fluoride

Fluoride is very beneficial in oral health. Some of the main benefits it provides include;

1. Strengthens teeth enamel – Fluoride contains a compound that rebuilds weakened enamel. This is a reason why it is used in toothpaste.

2. It slows down mineral loss – Minerals can be lost during tooth decay from your tooth enamel. But with the use of fluoride to brush your teeth this process will be slowed down.

3. To prevent the growth of harmful bacteria – Fluoride acts as an antibacterial compound. This prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

4. Prevents tooth decay – Fluoride can greatly prevent tooth decay.

It is always important to use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth every day. As we eat the food particles are broken down into sugars and carbs which can produce acids that wear off tooth minerals which can cause demineralisation on your tooth enamel.

Most of the toothpaste used nowadays contains fluoride. Ensure that you check the ingredients of the toothpaste fluoride.

Are There Side Effects Of Fluoride?

Fluoride occurs naturally but there are still some side effects. This especially occurs when it is used in overdoses. Some of the fluoride side effects include;

1. Dental fluorosis – This condition occurs when one consumes too much fluoride why the teeth are still forming under the gum. This condition causes the formation of white spots on the surface of the teeth.

2. Skeletal fluorosis – This condition is similar to dental fluorosis but they affect the bone instead of teeth. This causes disorientation of bone structure or even the calcification of regiments.

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