Different Types Of Dental Procedures?

 There are several other types of dental procedures available aside from normal dental checkups that can be performed in a dental clinic.


These procedures are used to offer solutions to various health problems. There are also cosmetic dental procedures and pediatric dentistry. The following are the main dental procedures available.

1. Bonding

This is a dental procedure used to repair broken, decayed, chipped, fractured teeth or reduce the gap between the teeth. Plastic resin is the material used in the procedure.

2. Dental Braces

Dental braces are used to correct teeth alignment as well as other problems such as underbite and overbite. The orthodontic procedure is used for teeth alignment.

3. Dental Implants and Bridges

These are techniques to replace the missing tooth or teeth. Bridges are replacement teeth anchored on the existing teeth while the implants are fixed on the jawbone to hold the replacement teeth.



4. Extraction

This is a common dental procedure to remove a tooth that has been damaged or decayed.

5.  Dentures

These are temporary prosthetic teeth used to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

6. Gum Surgery

There are several gum issues that might lead to damaging of the gum. This will require gum surgery procedure to rectify this.

7. Oral Cancer Examination

Due to the rise of cancer problems, the dentist will conduct the oral cancer examination. This procedure is a part of a regular dental appointment.

8. Root Canal

For decayed or cracked teeth a dentist may suggest a root canal procedure to kill the nerves of the teeth, repair the teeth and retain the original tooth.

9. Sealants

These are applied over the chewing surfaces of the teeth. These protect the teeth from decay by filling the deep grooves of the teeth.

10. Teeth Whitening

This is a cosmetic dental procedure widely performed in the dentist office. It involves cleaning and whitening of discoloured teeth.

11. Fillings and Repairs

Dental fillings are used in many situations such as in repairing broken teeth, decayed teeth or damaged teeth. Several types of dental fillings can be used. These include silver fillings, porcelain fillings or dental resin fillings.


There are tons of dental procedures that are available. All these can be used to solve dental problems or for cosmetic purposes.


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