What to do Immediately after I Chip my Tooth?

Teeth are very strong, and they are capable of chewing even hard foods. However, no matter how strong they may seem, they are still at risk of chipping. There are several degrees of chipping. Some might have mild pain, which can come and go, while others can be extremely painful, requiring immediate dental assistance.


Chipped teeth can cause exposure of inner parts, which tends to be sensitive. In this article, we are going to discuss what process you should immediately take after your tooth is chipped.


It is recommended that you act fast to avoid serious consequences.

What To Do Immediately After Your Tooth Is Chipped

Please note that most of these ideas are aimed at providing a temporary solution. You should seek dental help immediately to help avoid further problems with your chipped tooth.



Flush With Warm Water

The first thing that you should do is flush your cracked tooth with warm water. This will help in removing the chipping from your mouth. Salty warm water is recommended because it will help fight off the germs to reduce infections.


Apply Cold Compress

The next thing to do immediately after chipping your tooth is to apply a cold compress on areas around your lips or cheeks. This is important because it will help avoid swelling.


Take Pain Medication

A chipped tooth can be very painful. To ease the pain, it is recommended you take counter pain medication such as ibuprofen. This will offer temporary relief before you seek further help from your dentist.


Visit Your Dentist Immediately

This is the most important step to take after your teeth have been chipped. Depending on the degree of the chipping, you may need to seek emergency dental care.


In the case your teeth are cracked, the only solution is to seek emergency dental services. To identify whether your teeth are broken or fractured, you can tell if it is painful to bite down into food.


A dentist will help you rectify the situation in several ways. Some of these include restoration of the chipped tooth through dental fillings and bonding.


To determine the degree of dental chipping, your dentist will recommend an x-ray. This will help them to assess the level of fracture, injuries or chipping.


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