Contributing to the Profession:

Resources for Special Education Teachers and Parents;

Unique Learning Systems provides the opportunity for students to engage with common core alligned curriculum at the learners instructional level.  With the purchase of a license you have access to; pre-developed lessons in all curricular areas, classroom newpaper templates, symbolstix (create communication boards, icons, token boards, etc.)

ANY teachers best friend!!!  Lessons and visuals that are created by teachers to supplement any curriculum.  There is endless resources for any subject area on this website and you can join for FREE and access many FREE resources.

Teachers can create a FREE account and develop lessons that students can work on when they are at home with their own log in information that can be shared with family.

This app can be used as a communication tool from school to home, as well as a classroom wide behavior monitor tool.  Students will be assosiated with a character and earn points for behavior, turning in assignments etc.