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Developing as a Professional Educator

  1. When I look back at my initial self assessment I feel the areas rated pretty accurate to the beginning of the year and there were some improvement in all CSTP's.  Engaging and supporting all students- Applying. Creating and maintaining effective environments- Integrating. Understanding and organizing subject matter for student learning- Integrating. Planning instruction and designing learning experiences for all students- applying. Assessing students for learning- exploring.  Developing as a professional educator- Integrating. While most of the areas I rated myself as applying or integrating, my lowest area was assessing students for learning.  In reflecting throughout all of the cycles a common theme was assessment and data collection.  I would still rate this as my lowest area as it is an area that I feel will constantly change.  The way that I assess my students is just like the way that I instruct my students.  The way in which I assess my students and monitor their progress is very individual for each student so I feel this area will always be evolving.  I feel it will be a long way from now before I reach the level of "innovating" in my instruction.  I am constantly changing as an educator and I feel there will always be room for improvment.

  2. A professional goal that I would like to set for myself beyond induction is to continue to evolve and evaluate my practice on a yearly basis.  I would like this to be a goal, as I don't want to ever get into the mindset that I cannot grow as an educator and there is always room for improvment.  I feel that my class every year deserves the best me I can be and without constant evaluation of my practice I don't think I can achieve that. I will look at the CSTP at the beginning of each year and rate myself, then again at the end of the year.  When I conduct this self assessment I will brainstorm and chart out why I rated myself as I did and what can I do to improve in those areas and set targets for the upcoming year in those areas.

  3. To continue to be a connected educator, I will continue to attend professional development when the opportunities present themselves and commuicate better with my colleagues.

  4. To maintain my positive attitude and energy for education and being a teacher I need to go back to the basics and put all other professional responsibilities aside.  When I find myself losing my "spark", it is usually because of the additional tasks which teaching entails.  Such as, IEP paperwork, meetings, statewide assessments etc.  I then reign in and remember why I am in the classroom, I love to teach!  I can take breaks from those tasks which are not fun by simply teaching and being with my students.  I love to make learning fun and creating a purpose for each lesson.  When the students see there is a purpose or they are motivated, the lessons will be more productiv

  5. "Your strengths are how well you know each student and his/her needs and adjust for them, and the incredible amount of patience you have.  Your IEP's are well prepared.  You are patient with parents and other family members.  You contribute insightful and logical ideas to the PBIS and Leadership teams.  Your positive outlook about education is well received by the staff.  And you are always reflecting on your practice and want to improve."   ~Mary Livingston-Reed

  6. The advice that I would provide new teachers would be to YOU!  Don't compare yourself to other teachers, there is a reason why you are in this profession and just teach according to your style and how you teach and all will be well.

"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb


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