Q: What kind of homework will my child receive each week?

A: Your child will receive a reading and math assignment every week. In addition to these assignments, your child will be expected to read thirty minutes each day and log their reading time in a reading log every day. The reading log and reading and math assignments will be due every Friday. 

Q: My child says he/she will be creating a portfolio over the course of the year. What will be included in this portfolio?

A: Your child will be using their 1-inch binder to document all of the great things they will be working on this year. Your child will be able to select their best work to showcase in their portfolio as well as reflect on everything learned over the course of the year. We will also be keeping track of your child's major test and project grades. As the year progresses, your child will learn to lead their own conferences and be able to walk you through everything they have learned in class. He/She will also be able to talk about the topics they have been struggling with and how they plan to work on this at home and/or in school.

Q: How can I pay for my child's breakfast and lunch each day?

A: You can pay for your child's lunch by going to the main office. If you would rather pay online, please visit the A.C.E. Academy website for online payment instructions.