Choosing the right vein doctor for your vein treatment

Advanced technology and education has made it easier to search for the best treatment for your vein problems. But, how do you understand whether these solutions are good for your issue and how do you choose the best for you? Here we discuss some important elements to consider when you look for the right vein clinic and doctor for your particular vein issues. Reports reveal that almost 35% of Americans suffer from venous insufficiency and this is why vein centers are almost every corner of the country.



Symptoms of vein problems like sclerotherapy become more prominent in patients and that demands right time address of these conditions. You may be suffering from painful venous problems or looking for varicose veins treatment, know how to choose the most reliable doctor and clinic, because it can make a big difference in your treatment plan, and in your health in the end. 

3 types of vein doctors 
Doctors treating veins are generally fall into 3 categories;
Vascular surgeons 
Vein specialists 

Each of them can treat vein problems to some extent, but knowing their specialties is essential to choose the right doctor. Phlebologists have been around since 2007 and are certified after a 3-day training course. Some may get a board certification, but this 3-day course is entirely different from an authentic board certification and is not an AMBS recognized specialty. 

Vein specialists are generally AMBS certified cardiologists, dermatologists to deal with skin discoloration, or interventional radiologists who work through residency to study a special area in relation to veins. 

Vascular surgeons are the extensively knowledgeable persons in treating medical and operative cases of vein and vascular problems, including venous and arterial diseases. Vascular surgeons have to complete 5-7 years of residency with an extra 2 years of fellowship in the vascular field. 

Treatment options
Vein clinics of America vary according to the types of doctors and treatment options available. And, it has become common for patients to receive unneeded care for the benefit of the practice, not the patient. The high volume of patients looking for vein treatments has increased the number of clinics available. Since patients are different from one another, their treatment should be customized. If you think a clinic has compulsory guidelines to classify your treatment, it is worth considering a second opinion before proceeding. 

Avoid things that you don’t need 
If you think particular options too good to be true, then there are possibilities that it is. For example, when vein clinics offer lower costs, then it is worth looking at the reason behind those specials. Doctors should never encourage treatments based on costs or insurance coverage. Some doctors will attract patient by doing ultrasound or other therapies that are just not needed. 

Know about your doctor 
You must collect and understand your doctor’s background and reputation before you make an appointment with him/her. Researching the doctor is always best especially if you are not recommended to him/her through word-of-mouth.


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