Spider Vein Treatment And Side Effects

Spider veins are purple, red, blue, or grey web-like structure termed "spider veins" due to their similarity in the image to a spider’s web. You may see them near varicose veins on the calves of your legs or as thread-like veins on your thighs or your face or other stretches of your body. All best vein clinic in Houston treats this condition.

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This ailment can be quite critical, creating a stinging sensation and because of their ugly structure, some people encounter emotional pain because of them as well. Nevertheless, they are hideous, they are not regarded as destructive to your health but treatment is necessary, get this done at varicose vein treatment Houston or spider vein treatment Houston.


In this spider vein treatment Houston, the veins are injected with a weak sclerosant liquid directly into the "feeder veins" that have created the situation in the first place.

The solution makes the vein wall to grow and stick making it to close. Being without any blood supply, the closed vein turns into mark tissue and converts permanently sealed shut, slowly fading over time. If anything other than happens during the recovery period visit to the best vein clinic in Houston.

Spider vein treatment Houston is the most like method over laser to operate larger spider veins as well as tiny varicose veins. This procedure usually needs repeated visits to your best vein clinic in Houston with anywhere from 5 to 40 injections each appointment depending upon the condition. Cotton balls and compression tape is involved during the procedure and tight-fitting hose may be suggested to shield against blood clots and to promote healing.

The tape and cotton balls can be lifted after 48 hours, though, you may be told to wear the support hose for 72 hours or more. Although you may demand to have shots more than once, the varicose vein treatment Houston is effective if done correctly. It is not one time process, however, and as much as 70% of the ailment may re-appear with 3-4 years, condition to if you take care and follow prescribed precautions you can save yourself.

Side Effects

The likely side effects you may feel are burning feelings, leg cramps, red spots, sores, bruising and brown marks that may arise in the area that you are having indulged.

If the doctor inserts the sclerosant liquid properly, there should not be any harm to the encompassing skin, but if by chance the liquid is injected outside the vein, tissue necrosis and scarring can occur which may take a couple of months to heal.

If the specialist uses too much hardening solvent, allergic effects such as headaches and an ulcer at the site of your medicine can happen. In many instances, skin discolorations (brownish pigmentation) will settle at the site of the injured area for up to a year.

Other complexities, while rare, include venous thromboembolism, visual hallucinations, thrombophlebitis, skin problems(as mentioned), and hyperpigmentation.

Alternative Therapies

Non-invasive treatments for spider veins are growing more popular and, in some circumstances are a better option because they strengthen veins, decrease pain, and provide a more robust solution than surgery. For more information visit veintreatmentclinic.com now.