What can happen if you don’t take vein treatment on time?

According to vein specialist San Diego, varicose veins can bring about numerous symptoms in a person suffering from them. Yet, the most dangerous are the complications that they give rise to. The most dangerous complications that varicose veins cause are bleeding, ulcers, and Phlebitis. This article is for those people, who think that vein problems are just cosmetic and it has nothing to do with serious complications. By the end of this article, you will be aware of the things that can happen if you don’t take the treatment on time. So, if you are dealing with the issues of veins then without any further delay you should consult the vein doctor San Jose





Unlike other normal veins, varicose veins have thin walls and they jut out very close the outer layer of skin. If by some chance, you bump or scratch one of these veins, it can result in heavy bleeding. This form of bleeding will be much more severe than a normal vein because of the stiff pressure found in the varicose veins. Hence, it is the advice of any Iowa vein center to their patients to be careful with their varicose veins. If you notice that your veins start bleeding with a little prick then it’s the time you should consult the vein clinic SD.


Leg Ulcers


Ulcers, in layman's words, are open sores. As per the vein specialist San Jose, this complication is one of the most challenging. It is popular among varicose vein patients who are retired. If you see any ulcers happening around the varicose veins, it is very important that you go for an appointment with your vein center CA as early as possible. Further, it is important you know that treating an ulcer takes many weeks and sometimes even months. Even after healing, it can reappear quite quickly. You can't wait out varicose veins; you need to get treated as soon as you can through any Iowa vein center.




Phlebitis is a condition that results in the swelling of a vein. Another form of this condition known as Superficial Thrombophlebitis influences varicose veins and it strictly needs the vein treatment CA. This influence results in a dangerous yet small blood clot. As a result of these clots occurring very close to the top layer of the skin, symptoms like swelling and redness start to be visible near the affected veins. This complication is not regarded by vein surgeons as life-threatening. Therefore, treating this condition primarily deals with eliminating the pain and discomfort experienced by the patient. Vein surgeons in any Iowa vein center make use of warm compresses and anti-inflammatory medicine to treat Thrombophlebitis.


Blood clots that are caused by Phlebitis can appear in one of two forms. They can either appear superficially or deep in the veins. The higher danger is from blood clots taking form in deeper veins. Furthermore and most importantly, blood clots caused through Phlebitis can worsen to cause the movement of the clots to the lungs. This situation can cause very serious and dangerous complications for a patient.

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