Coach Rebstock - SAILS


This is the site for Coach Rebstock's Algebra 2 class! My email is, please feel free to contact me at any time.


Sylabus is below:


I have a NO TOLERANCE cheating policy. If you are caught cheating in any way it results in an automatic zero and honor code violation.


    - It will be the student’s responsibility to make-up all missed work, for an excused absence. You have as many days missed to make up your work per Shelby County Policy. No Exceptions.  If a worksheet or handout was missed, then you can ask me for it.

Make Up Work:


          Assignments will only receive full credit on their due date. You may turn them in for half credit one day late. After that, there will be no credit awarded.




-Also, you will not pack up your things until the bell rings.

-Only when the bell rings can you leave your desk.

-You will not line up in front of the door for dismissal.

-Please take a minute and check around your desk area to make sure it is clean, and your desk is straight.



- You are NOT to work on work from another class during my class time.

-If you need something you may raise your hand at an appropriate time to ask.

-You are to remain in your seat during class time.

-Discussions in class and in groups should be subject matter related.

-There should only be one person talking at a time, unless we are working in groups for something.

- There are no purses, bags, jackets, etc.. allowed in your lap or on the table during class time.

- Please be prepared everyday and ready to learn when you arrive.

-When the bell rings, it is my time.

Class Time:


-Bell work is given the first 2-3 minutes of class everyday. It is graded and required. You need to work on this quietly each day to keep your bell work points.

-Find your assigned seat and begin your bell work.  

-The door will be shut and locked at the tardy bell, you will be counted tardy if late.  

-Take care of personal business between bells. (Restrooms, water, lockers…)



Daily Schedule:      It is expected that you will have your work, notebook and something to write with EVERY day.


8. No purses, bags, or clothing in your lap or on the table.

  1.   Be in compliance with school dress code.
  2.      NO CELL PHONES, electronic devices or headphones!
  3.      Demonstrate respect for others.
  4.      No personal grooming, eating, or drinking.
  5.      Be prepared for class EVERY day.
  6.      Be on time to class.
  7.      Follow all rules of Germantown High School.




Welcome! I hope that everyone had an enjoyable relaxing summer, and that you are now ready for a productive school year. This will address most of the things that will be going on in my classroom for this school year. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at I look forward to working with each of you!