Amanda Rutter's E Portfolio - EC-6

My Teaching Philosophy Statement:

by Amanda Rutter

        My beliefs in regards to education and teaching are a composite of both the progressivism and essentialism philosophies as well as based on the theories of Erik Erikson, Maria Montessori, Reggio Amalia, and Lev Vygotsky.
I believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to receive education regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, or culture. Education can equip people with the skills to handle the challenges of life, open opportunities, vocational and otherwise, and improve one’s quality of life. The manner in which educators teach can severely impact the attitudes students demonstrate towards learning and education.
I also believe that education and teaching strategies should be student centered and should focus on helping each student reach their potential or maximum extent possible. Each learner is unique with different strengths and weaknesses. It is important that educators understand different development levels and recognize each student’s strengths and weaknesses to help them excel in an increasingly competitive world. Educators should also make each student feel like an integral part of the classroom to increase motivation and promote the concepts of mutual respect and equality. Within the classroom, students should be able to express their thoughts and opinions and feel valued. Promoting a nurturing environment is essential to creating a learner for life.
Moreover, I believe that education should be hands-on, interactive, and incorporate activities that foster creativity. When educators teach concrete concepts through a variety of methods, it allows for students to understand the concept and rationalizing their findings and thoughts. Allowing students to use their imagination and creatively express what they are learning can also foster a positive relationship between educators and students, as well as impact the attitudes and perceptions students have about education and the school system.
In addition, I believe that education is a process, and that people continue to learn throughout the duration of their lifespan from their environment and culture. Through education, selected elements of culture can be passed on from generation to generation. Culture is important to teach to youths and to pass along as for it embodies societal and moral values. Moreover, culture can teach important historical events and how civilization has continued to change throughout time.
As a teacher, my goal is to share the value of education and to pass on my knowledge to help others become better people. I also want to be an advocate for play and physical education programs within the school systems and spread the knowledge of the functions of play and physical education to the general public.