Classification of Adult Sex Dolls

Adult sex dolls are classified into different varieties based on physical attributes like body type, height, breast size, booty shape and skin color. If you are of the belief that there are just female sex doll available in the market then you are wrong. There are even male sex doll available for women. Just like their female counterparts, the male sex dolls come in varied sizes, shapes and features. These dolls feature chiselled body, long manhood and macho appearance. And the best thing about these dolls is- dissimilar to real men; they do not nut in ju7st 27 seconds!

Adult Sex Dolls

Further an adult sex doll can be classified based on its ethnicity. You will find Japanese, Asian, European, Arabian and African sex dolls. Since different men and women have varied tastes in sex, the diverse assortment of adult sex dolls based on ethnicity are one of the best ways of satisfying their fantasies. Depending on their ethnicity, the sex dolls come with varied body types and features. Take for instance, the Japanese sex doll feature silky hair, small body and a pink pussy. On the other hand, the African sex dolls come with brown skin, curly hair and a brownish pussy.

female adult sex dolls

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