Program information

"The Journey of a Book Starts with a Word"
reading readiness program
A child's education begins long before they enter Kindergarten. 
Research shows that learning begins before birth,
and that the experiences and interactions children have
 from their first days create an intellectual and emotional foundation
for how they will do in school.

The Journey of a Book Starts with a Word, reading readiness program was started in order to provide students with both enrichment and remedation in their beginning reading skills.  This program is designed to meet children where they are in the reading development.    
Our program offers two components, foundations and advancement.  Both of these programs offer different levels of instruction.  Please read the descriptions below to determine which program will best suit your child's needs.
              Foundations classes are available for those preschool and Kindergarten age children who are showing an interest in early reading. These classes  serve to compliment and enrich the phonics and sight word instruction that children are receiving at their preschools and Kindergartens.  
              Advancment offers private and group sessions for Elementary age children who could benefit from additional instruction in the reading skills they are learning in school.  
All sessions will be designed to suit your child's individual needs- and program schedules will be created to suit you and your child's schedule. 

Our programs run 8 weeks in length and last 90 minutes in length.