AdVANCEment, is a reading initiative program to supplement and assist Elementary age school children in their reading efforts.  It is designed to cultivate and enrich the literacy skills your child is already learning in school.  

AdVANCEment programs are ideal for late Kindergarten age and Early Elementary age children who would benefit from the additional exposure to literature and reinforcement of reading readiness concepts learned in school. 

AdVANCEment offers three comprehensive programs, each one focusing on building your child's skills in key Language Art content areas such as Phonemic Awareness, Reading Comprehension, and Emergent Writing. 

AdVANCEment encompasses more than just reading the words on a page.  It also requires that children have the ability to understand what is read, and the skill to write meaningful responses.  That is why AdVANCEment offers 3 unique curriculums that are designed to enrich your child's phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, and emergent writing skills. 

All instruction is geared to enrich and expand upon the reading skills that your child is learning in their school setting.  Through the use of authentic literature and a comprehensive phonics, reading comprehension, and writing program, AdVANCEment will assist your child in the acquisition and reinforcement of critical early literacy skills.   

"Research has shown that phonemic awareness is one of the most potent predictors of success in  learning to read. It’s more highly related to early reading than tests of general intelligence, reading readiness, and listening comprehension.?   (Stanovich & Siegle, 1994; Stanovich, 1986)