Language Arts 2

2.1.5 Know how to read all plural words

2.1.7 Know and use synonyms and antonyms

2.1.10  Know and use your homonyms

2.2.9  Use your context clues to understand unknown words

2.4.8  Revise to put your story in order

2.4.8  Revise to add details

2.6.7 Use your capital letters correctly

2.4.7 Proofread writing using your editing symbols

2.6.9 Spell word family words correctly

2.7.13 Recite poems from memory

2.6.7 Use the correct word order in your sentences

2.6.2 Know what a complete sentence is

2.6.2 Write in complete sentences

2.1.9 Know your prefixes and suffixes