Class XP - Class Attendance 1.     Login to your computer with your personal teacher ID and password 2.     Double click on the Class XP icon in your Novell-delivered Applications window 3.     Login to Class XP.  You will have a Class XP ID and password. 4.     Double click on your homeroom 5.     Select ‘CLASS’ from the top menu bar 6.     Click on ‘Take Attendance” from the pull down menu 7.     EVERY student will be counted as PRESENT   OR * Click 1 time on student’s name IF ABSENT* Click 2 times on student’s name IF EXCUSED TARDY* Click 3 times on student’s name IF UNEXCUSED TARDY* Click 4 times on student’s name to return to PRESENT      8.  When FINISHED, click on ‘Finished Taking Attendance’ on the top gray menu bar      9.  Select ‘CLASS’ from the top menu bar    10.  From the pull down menu, choose LOGOUT (at the bottom)    11.  Click Exit (middle of the window) to close ClassXP.  Class XP Notes: ·        Class XP must be opened and you must click on the ‘Take Attendance’ bar even if all students are present!·        Teachers DO NOT record EXCUSED absences.·        Teachers are allowed to change CURRENT date information ONLY.·        When a teacher has a sub, the teacher should have a copy of her class roster in the sub folder (this can be printed out of IGPro) and attendance will be taken manually that day.·        If the computers are down, have a copy of your roster available for your use.  Highlight which students are absent and send this to the front office.

·        No teacher is to give out his or her Class XP password to anyone.