Honors Science homework


7/26/18:  Read syllabus information and complete syllabus scavenger hunt, read the sponge bob safety paper and underline unsafe practices.  sign syllabus and safety contract.

7/27:  Demo- copper; begin sponge bob safety poster

7/30:  Begin reading lesson 1 (nos 4-7). Discuss science observations, inferences, and predictions.  Magic sand demo, hw- work on safety poster:  read lesson 1 if you received copy of book; (5th period- you did not)

7/31:  finish sand demo if needed, work on safety poster and turn in, qualitative vs quantitative observations and inferences w.s (hw- if not finished during class)

8/1:  lab safety quiz; scientific inquiry paper (hw- if not finished) go over hw from last night.

8/2:  go over scientific inquiry paper (car trouble); video on fingerprints, begin fingerprinting activity.  no hw

8/3:  Fingerprint activity- finish part 1- begin part 2 (crime scene prints), no hw

8/6:  Bellringer (match finger prints, discuss analysis section of Scientific method); finish fingerprint activity;  Completey read lesson 1 (if you have not).  Do all questions at the end of the lesson.

8/7:  Go over lesson 1 questions, pass out Can't judge a powder lab.

8/8:  Begin Can't judge a powder lab (powder analysis), no hw

8/9:  Begin scientific notation:   hw- problems on board to change to scientific notation.   Lab

8/10:   use practice using calculators to put numbers into scientific notation;  Lab . hw some students were instructed to watch videos on using scientific notation with calculators on my video page.  If you calculator is listed in the videos, then watch how to do calculations.

8/13:  Ipad distribution today.   bellringer (scientific notation practice) quiz on Thursday.  practice getting onto online textbook-hw just practice looking at different icons to see what they mean, no reading.  Try to finish lab during class today.

8/14:  Mrs Jacobi counseling activity

8/15:  Work on Lab, hw -read pages nos 18-nos 24:  do lesson 2 review

8/16:  Scientific Notation quiz; watch video on conversion using dimensional analysis-take notes.  (periods 4 and 5 do 1-5 on w.s, perios 6 and 7 only try #1)

8/17:  More practice with dimensional analysis, hw- entire worksheet

8/20:  Bellringer- NOS 26; go over hw; more examples;  second worksheet.

8/27:  Bellringer - identify variables,  go over Myth Busters video paper. go over simpson's hw- if you did not finish the valid hw- do that.

8/28:  Begin measuring with sig figs, go over Valid w.s; no hw

8/29:  Practice measuring volumes using sig figs, go over rules to identify how many sig figs are in a measurement.   hw-  see front page for list of numbers

8/30:  Bellringer (% error calculation), go over hw, go over calculation rules.  hw- is a worksheet.  (6th period should watch videos on sig fig adding and subtracting and multiplying and dividing and take notes).

8/31:  estimation activity, go over sig fig hw, see google classroom for next sig fig w.s

9/4:  go over hw, do % errors for estimation activty, hw- graphing w.s

9/5:  Bellringer-line vs bar graphs-when to use.  Go over graphing w.s- discuss Blood spatter lab and begin

9/6:  Blood spatter lab

9/7:  Quiz on sigfigs and % error calculations-work on blood spatter lab, no hw.

9/10:  work on blood spatter lab, no hw

9/11:  review ws and book assignment (page NOS 37; 7-12 all, 16) for test

9/17:  begin chapter 3 lesson 1; check google form

9/18:  bellringer-chemical vs physical properties- candy/density of water labs

9/19:  bellringer- chemical vs physical properties- work on candy and density of water labs

9/20:  work on labs in classread pages 105-112 in your text, do numbers 1-7 on page 113