Honors Science homework



1/3/19:  lesson on waves, sound and electromagnetic- no hw

1/4/19:  do page 57; 1-9 also begin lesson 2.  Answer to extra credit question is due Monday.

1/10/19:  watch top ten future energy resources video, take notes, work on book energy notes.

1/11/19:  work on energy notes

1/14/19:  Discuss project, class shares information about energy.

1/19/19  go over hw, review assignment page 82-83; 1-15, 18; page 84-85; 1-10

1/21:  MLK day

1/22:  go over hw; review playing Kahoot, test tomorrow.

1/23:  4,6, 7 Test Energy, period 5 spelling Bee

1/24:  work on energy presentation (future energy sources) . 5th period take the test.

1/25:  work on energy presentations, turn in rocket report.

1/28:  work on energy presentations, worksheet on chapter 6 lesson 1 (begins on page 197)-presentations will begin tomorrow.  ws is due Wednesday.

1/30:  snow day

1/31/19:  Presentations

2/1/19:  Go over worksheet in earth systems- 2nd sheet on how forest fires are affected by earth systems.  Presentations

2/4/19:  return tests and energy notes, mid-terms sent out. Begin earth system activity.

2/5/19  continue on earth systems activity- when finished pick up paper for lesson 2 (chapter 6) layers of the earth.  no hw

2/12/19:  went over convection current w.s discussed scale model of layers of earth activity and extra credit- determining the volume and mass of each layer.


2/13/19:  work on scale model of the layers of the earth.  work on extra credit-determining the volume and mass of each layer.

2/27/19:  began lesson 9.2 (sea-floor spreading)- continued to work on Pangaea actvity.  You will not have a lot of time tomorrow.

2/28/19:  continue with lesson 2 in chapter 9