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                              science guy animated



ISTEP online practice form


Top ten future energy sources video


Scoring guide for Rocket report

Title page with name of report, names of people in the group, date due, period, you can have a picture or diagram

History of Rocketry (include key events, scientists, country where they first occurred- to present)

History of NASA (why it was formed, space race, important scientists, astronauts, successes and failures, include dates)

Describe how your rocket's design will work, include the Laws of motion inolved and energy changes

Rocket Design neatly drawn, using straight edges labeling parts

Rocket lab results

Bibliograph with the correct format  You don't need easybib pro

Rocketry Link



dna fingerprint link


video of the science of flipping

IXL math website.,  you can do 20 problems a day for free



There are showme videos for dimensional analysis and changing repeating fractions to decimals on flip videos and algebra video tabs


Algebra  online text:

Be sure to put   nafcs\ in front of your username that you use for school.  Password should be the same.


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