Our class follows the school-wide PBS Classroom Rules.

 These include being safe, respectful, responsible.


1.  Walk at all times.

2.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


1.  Be kind with your words and actions.

2.  Raise your hand and wait to speak.


1.  Be ready to work and learn.

2. Follow directions the first time they are given.

 Classroom Consequences:

1st Offense-  Warning and Redirection

2nd Offense-  Pull a stick(s) /lower conduct grade

3rd Offense- Pull a stick/ lower conduct grade/ Recess detention

4th Offense- Pull a stick/ lower conduct grade 

5th Offense-  Minor Infraction

*Serious Offenses result in state referrals.


Classroom Rewards:

1.  Treat                2. Extra Computer time

3. Prize from Treasure Box       4.  Sticker

Students will receive a daily conduct grade. These will be averaged at the end of the week for a weekly conduct grade average using the point values listed below.  Our class uses conduct sticks. Each child begins each day with 4 conduct sticks. If the consequence is to pull a stick the conduct grade is lowered one letter grade. 


                                                      Sticks pulled                    Letter grade        Point Value (for average)

                                                                      0                                A                         4

                                                                      1                                 B                         3

                                                                      2                                C                          2

                                                                      3                                D                          1

                                                                      4                                F                          0